Fable III Abandoned for Fable IV?

NextGN writes: "I know it’s a little strange bringing this up so soon after the release of Fable III, however, after playing through it numerous times and speaking to others on the topic. This is why we think Fable IV is already in development."

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Diamond Eyes2984d ago

This does make a lot of sense. Something wasn't right about Fable III. I did enjoy it, just not as much as Fable II.

BobKotickIsTheKiller2984d ago

Game felt so disconnected. I loved the king part but it was just too damn short.

Lightsaber2984d ago

I'm a big fable fan but fable 3 felt more like fable 2.5. The Story was uninteresting from the start. The gameplay felt like it was dumbed down from Fable 2. The morphing system once again didnt work. Playing as the King was a great idea but again poorly done. You only had 2 opinions good or bad. You didnt get to manage yoru kingdom at all like they said you would be able to do. There is also no reward what so very for trying to be good. However the grahpics in Fable 3 were really nice

FiLTHY ESKiMO2984d ago

The game did feel disconnected. The fade-outs between NPC interactions really annoyed me. It took me two play-throughs to really appreciate the game.

cb4g2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

...a lot of people seem to feel disconnected from the game. I actually feel the opposite. The choice I had to make at the start of the game made me feel responsible for the events that were to unfold.

Bear in mind, I haven't finished the game yet (huge back log of games) so I'm not sure what happens after reaching Bowerstone. Although, after playing the Fable II again, I was pretty shocked at how bad Bowerstone had become. So, now I'm eager to restore it to its previous glory.

AAACE52984d ago

Peter Molyneux just tries to do so much stuff with his games that it interferes with the enjoyment! Not trying to say Fable 3 was bad or anything, but there is too much in these games to get distracted with.

Sometimes I wish his games would be more straight forward and save all of the other stuff for a different game or something!

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IndigoProductions2984d ago

That's right. Something wasn't right about Fable III. It was a huge step back in the series.

godmoney2984d ago

Feels like Microsoft was left with no hardcore games for the holiday season and rushed it out...

PeterPanParadox2984d ago

Yeah. Also, not Kinect ready at launch? What happened there?

LittleBigHalo2984d ago

Kinect would have been great for this. Sort of felt like they were going to use it since you can only emote to one NPC at a time. Would be kind of fun doing those expression yourself to the individual NPC.

Evil Industry2984d ago

I was expecting a lot more from Fable III.

Not-So Average Gamer2984d ago

Hopefully they will announce it soon. Actually, they better announce something soon because apart from Halo: Reach and Gears 3 I have nothing else that to play for the mean time. Not worth keeping the console for just two games.

Genecalypse2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Haha oh my god, Fable 1 comes out, oh well guess there Fable 2, that comes out I guess thers Fable 3, that comes out and it still doesnt live up to expectations. When will you guys learn

FiLTHY ESKiMO2984d ago

The original Fable blew me away. Absolutely loved it. Fable II was good - I still prefer the first one, though. Fable III was OK.

Mcardle2983d ago

Fable TLC is one of the best action rpgs of all time.....

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