Happy Birthday Xbox: A look at the best of the Original Xbox

The original Xbox is celebrating it's 9th birthday. We take a look back and show you the best the system has to offer. We even cover a few underground topics such as Xbox upgrades, emulators and homebrew video games. You will even see video footage of modded games running on the original Xbox. Including a version of GTA: San Andreas that lets you fly like a super hero. You won't find coverage like this anywhere else on the web.

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Cevapi882987d ago

i always called my friends xbox "the fat bastard" whenever i came over to play halo 1/2

that was one fat bastard lol

2986d ago
MajestieBeast2986d ago

More like overshadowed by the behemoth the ps2 was still a good system halo always fun.

Rush2986d ago

Yeah I remember the good old original Xbox days, not everyone hated the system because it sat quite peacefully way behind the Playstation.

I hope the next Xbox doesn't get hated on nearly as much as the 360.

muzzy2986d ago

I heard it was very reliable. Why hate a good piece of hardware?

Rush2986d ago

Yeah I guess not the 360 slim is reliable all the 360 hate has stopped.

Sadly 95 percent of n4g didn't get the memo.

muzzy2986d ago

@rush: How do you know X360 S is reliable? Because Microsoft said so? I don't believe a word they say. We'll see in 2 years time how reliable it is.

Rush2986d ago

Ok fine for the next 2 years we shall continue in blissful ignorance pretending reliability is the soul reason the 360 gets hated on.

Thanks for the info muzzy.

Sarcasm2986d ago

The original Xbox was such a good console. It had awesome graphics for its time, full of features, and it was reliable.

The 360 is a POS in comparison.

hennessey862986d ago

halo 1 and 2
project gotham 1 and 2
rally sport challenge 2(best graphics on the xbox)
panzer dragon
jet set radio future
oddworld strangers wrath
splinter cell 1,2 and 3
and theres so much more, goes to show what a great console the xbox was

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MrMccormo2986d ago

I loved many XBOX gems like Otogi 1 and 2, Stranger's Wrath, JSRF, and Phantom Dust.

baodeus2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

ah phantom dust. Best game I ever played (still playing it on the x360 thanks to BC). Wish they make a sequal one on the new console (pipe dream since it is not gonna happen). Dam you MS. They do make good new IPs, just many of them got over looked and shadow out by PS2.

Actually the original xbox is still up and running. It is a tank.

Call_me_Ishmael2987d ago

even though i did not own an xbox,i wish you happy

awiseman2987d ago

Is the reason that console survived.

Shackdaddy8362986d ago

It was actually a pretty good console back then. Now what they turned it into sucks.

2987d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.