Quite possibly the best Gran Turismo 5 trailer you've ever seen

GR - KopparbergDave has created a Gran Turismo 5 Rebirth Trailer, what most of us might call an absolute ace of a trailer. The trailer features audio from "The Scream Of Science" BBC F1 intro combined with footage from GT5 and the song "Rebirth" by the band Hadouken!

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alphakennybody4029d ago

That was epic! especially that monologue.

morganfell4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

Direct Link:

Not very nice disabling the direct play links. Did they think people wouldn't find it? Too epic to stay hidden and it deserves to be shared. Shame on them for not embedding this.

EDIT: Just saw the The Tentacle's post below. Thanks.

Quagmire4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago ) i just gotta clean off all the the white stuff on my laptop, here...

jellybalboa4029d ago

VERY RARELY does a game trailer give me goosebumps, this hit the spot!

jack_burt0n4029d ago

Yo sony PR employees if this is better than the one you got lined up, give the guy a call and use this vid.

Really you should, by the fans for the fans.

acedoh4029d ago

advertising they could ask for and it comes from a fan. Amazing!!!

Longrod_Von_Hugendon4029d ago

<insert funny comment about jizzing pants here>

Chuk_Chuk4029d ago

That was just epic. This needs to be in the game.

RedDragan4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

I prefer this to be honest, trailers are meant to be short and sweet, whereas this is just a montage.

A very good montage though, just not an trailer.

jjohan354028d ago

Really? I personally preferred this user-made trailer instead of the one in the article:

Hideo_Kojima4028d ago

This guy could make a better GT5 intro.

irepbtown4028d ago

EVERYONE, not good news.

Simplified, GT5 could possibly be pushed back to Nov 26th. Seems to be affecting Europe only.
U.S and UK seems fine for now.

Just thought people might want to know.

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CTU-Almeida4029d ago ShowReplies(5)
wanaraceu4029d ago

Tears of joy ahhhh next week next week i cant take this anymore ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Bleucrunch4029d ago

awesome trailer cant wait to get my hands on the real thing....then I will really burn some rubber.

visualb4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

def. best trailer for GT5 =) song is sick too!

you know whats scary? I bet MOST of this (not all, some footage is not in game like engine, etC) can be done by anyone with the movie maker they have in the game =)

how sweet is that?

irepbtown4028d ago

Movie maker? Like the one in Black Ops?

If thats it is, then it will be brilliant drifting around a corner and rewatching it in slow motion.

Cant wait for this masterpiece.

never_waste_a_bullet4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

did your son wish that you couldn't lie for a whole day, too?

trancefreak4028d ago

I would buy this game even if it was the price of 2. This game will be one of those games with endless amount of possibilities. Cant frickin wait.

The first thing im going to do is learn how to keep my car on the road LOL especially in the snow. If I get lost I might bump into nathan drake that would be a sweet cameo him saving ur ass crashed up in the rally race.

Well all kidding aside very much feeling the exceitment nearing these final week and 1/2 or lil under.

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Call_me_Ishmael4029d ago

that was epic,cant wait to get it,oh and by the way
see you n4g community in a few days,im going on vacation

MGRogue20174029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

God.. I hope I don't die before the game comes out.. :D

It could happen. I could get run over the next time I run for that damn bus.. :'(

If I do die, I would like GT5 buried with me. :P

jony_dols4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

I want to be buried in my Playseat.

wanaraceu4029d ago

Your a funny barstard im thinking the same though lol

DigitalAnalog4029d ago


Oh, crap now I hate this guy. He's making the wait more painful!

-End statement