Behold this amazing and truly menacing Pokemon art

"You've seen zombie characters before, but never has anyone taken the Pokemon in quite this direction. Great art that captures the feeling of each Pokemon, but makes them truly crazy looking!"

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WiiRemotes22989d ago

First we had that Pokemon Apokelypse trailer and now this? Damn there's something so cool about dark Pokeart!

OldSchoolGamer32989d ago

I think that Pokemon Apokelypse trailer started it all....

Cloudberry2988d ago

Mew 2 looks cooler & Pikachu's fatter, lol.

ShinkuTatsuMaki2989d ago

This Yoshiro should do more video game stuff. Seriously good job on all of the Pokemon I too like the dark look on cutesy characters. There's something funny but cool about seeing them change like that.

OldSchoolGamer32989d ago

He looks intimidating as hell!

Rush2988d ago

Lost likely because it's a Steelix

KristinsEpicYarn2989d ago

This stuff is top notch. It also seems like lots of gamers that visit this site have a liking for art so why not give some credit to these talents? Who knows.....they might be working in the games of the future some day. Oh and I love the way these Pokemon look! :0

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The story is too old to be commented.