What We Like To See In The Next Move

Our much touted lag-free motion device had arrived some weeks ago but like a perfect rational human will say, no device is extremely perfect , we have used the PlayStation move and have equally seen where improvements needs to come in. Firstly, i want to say the move is really a technological marvel and must give credit to the development team.

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Cevapi882985d ago

i agree with updating the ps eye...having to download the eyepet demo and see the game in action was kind of let down seeing how off the resolution was when you had your eyepet walking around you

proudly_X2985d ago

this is something we really hope Sony considers when developing the next move

JoeReno2985d ago

I hope they seriously consider it Before the next Move. They announced a upgraded new headset, why not a better camera for those that want a better one? I don't think I will buy a game like eyepet/ start the party until they do. Don't get me wrong I'm a fan of Move, but the pseye is certainly the weak point in the Moves set up.

iamnsuperman2985d ago

The EYE is pretty poor quality. But bare in mind they wanted to make the move appeal to people who have the eye and make it seam all you need is the controller. The next logical step is updating the EYE

The next thing would to add Move support to the sub controller. Being able to track that controller will make fighting games involving shields and FPS that much easier to play (not expecting this though)

fooltheman2985d ago

Not neccesarily...
You could easily make a fantasy rpg with the move and sub controller...
for shield and sword you'll need one Move...
Because mostly when you use a shield you don't use the sword...
With one controller is works even good as two controllers, see sports champions..

proudly_X2985d ago

you have it right on spot, an upgraded cam left as an optional bargain isn't a bad idea at all

CTU-Almeida2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

"MOVE works not - Kinect does work"

fooltheman2985d ago

... rules what? rules easy casual games? yeah in this way you are right...

Chimerhazzard2985d ago

I'll fix your comment for you:

"MOVE works ...

Kinect doesn't!"

JoeReno2985d ago

On the fast road to the one bubble club huh?

You got my vote troll.

iamnsuperman2985d ago

Move works not doesn't make sense and that's coming from someone who is dyslexic. At least if you are going to troll make sure the grammar is right

JoeReno2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Sounds like he is plucking peddles off a daisy while trolling.

MS loves me, MS loves me not. What an idiot

kasasensei2985d ago

♪♪ like a bubble in the wind ♪♪


CTU-Almeida2985d ago

i will write this is in my "things I don't give a fuck about book".

iamnsuperman2985d ago

firstly its iamnsuperman
secondly you clearly took it to heart because you replied. If you didn't care why reply?????

jerocarson2985d ago

u must be a moron seriously, who brought kinect into the picture?, i can't remember seeing the word "kinect" in the article. pls grow up

JoeReno2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I like how you stealth edited your OG comment.

Let me put it back up for you CTU so everyone can see the mindless troll that you are

"Move sucks
Kinect rules"

Edit: sorry I meant to put this under CTUs comment above this one

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ReBurn2985d ago

The next Move? There's still lots to be done with the current one.

Ju2985d ago

New camera. With better low light recognition. Head tracking in Fight Lights Out works surprisingly well and lag free - if you have bright day light, that is. Better sensor for low light would already help. I can imagine, they'll clone the 3D sensor from Kinect sooner or later - as an Move/Eye upgrade.


Well, I agree Eye could use a better space/move recognition so it keeps tracking Move 1:1 and enhance body tracking, but the 3D sensor in Kinect is just an IR camera with a FOV as poor as the other cameras in it, it doesn't seen it does any much more than EyeToy or Eye (alone) already does, so I hardly believe it would improve Eye a lot. They only call it 3D because it uses 2 common cameras coupled with the IR one.

The IR sensor in Kinect is no better than that inside WiiMote, but works way different, as WiiMote only tracks the two hot spots in the sensor bar, instead of a body, so they are applied in really different ways using really different software.

Sony has that ultrasonic device patent that recently came up, maybe they can use that to enhance it, but IR could also help, as IR info make it easy to the software to differ body from background, ultrasound would make it easy to detect movements while the cameras supply the software with infos to draw the virtual skeleton over it.

The problem is I think Ninty and MS have IR tracking locked for videogames now, so it can be a legal problem for Sony to try and apply they already used body track (which is pretty much the same since Eye, just enhanced) coupled with heat detecting.

Ju2985d ago

Yeah. IR. But there are low light sensors. Not sure if they are good enough to use those instead. With an additional standard optical sensor. Not sure if I want another device besides the camera to track movement. Sonic might be an interesting alternative. How does such a device handle "sonic" shadows? Can it actually see trough objects (to some extend?).

seinfan2985d ago

I'd like to see the next Move never exist. Death to motion controls.

Ju2985d ago

Nobody forces you to use it. But you want deny all the others the enjoyment of a great Table Tennis game (or Tennis game), or boxing experience, an RTS and others. Dare you.

seinfan2985d ago

When you have developers saying "motion controls are the future for gaming", it tells me it's going to be the standard. I don't want that to happen. Games are much better with a regular controller.

Ju2985d ago

It doesn't you i..t. Response time is exceptional. RTS not possible with Kinect.

JoeReno2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

And that's the last we have to read your crap on this topic, back to your bridge troll.

Seriously take his bubbles people. Sure he can make another account, but at least make him work for his trolling

getem2985d ago

Kinect has no second hand use for me and makes me look like I'm having a seizure. If it fails all I have is a expensive paper weight. If Move fails at least me and the wife can get some use out of it by taking out the buttons and leaving in the vibrating motor.

LF912985d ago

this article has nothing to do with kinect, if you want to make comments about that go to a kinect article. oh and eat this guys bubbles away, hes further up the page saying stuff about kinect.

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Ju2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

[wrong thread]

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