Unlock All Pro Perks in Call of Duty: Black Ops | Game Prestige

Unlocking all of the pro perks takes a bit more challenge and time in Black Ops than in any other Call of Duty game, but here’s some quick tips and strategies you can use to help you unlock them a bit faster and with a little less frustration.

TIER ONE PERKS: LIGHTWEIGHT – Move faster. PRO: No fall damage.

How do I get Lightweight Pro?

Melee Kills – Earn 15 melee kills.
TIP: Select Lightweight as your first tier perk and play Free-for-All. You will have a bigger chance of being in a

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Led-Zeppelin2986d ago

I wish i can just buy the PRO perks.

vickers5002986d ago

Eh, I like the challenge, and it also ensures that the game is at least a little bit more inaccessible to noobs. Getting marathon pro was a b*tch (the flag captures were the hard part, the other challenges were easy).

AllroundGamer2986d ago

i have already unlocked all the PRO perks that i needed, now i'm on max lvl50 and i don't really know if i should consider going prestige, don't see it worthy just for some new facepaints and logos for the playercard... but i regret unlocking the Ghost Pro perk, since that one is pretty much useless since the game has such horrible spawning system, so you can't really play stealthy in this game :/

SnakeShady2986d ago

useless perk is ninja pro.
cause even if the enemy doesn't equip ninja you can't hear him footsteps.

AllroundGamer2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

yep that one i also regret upgrading to Pro :D i use mostly LastStandPro(Second Chance), once it also helped winning a round, the score was 7400:7400, i was shot down and i would be the last 100 points the enemy team needed to win, but i survived and another member of my team made the last kill :)

MajestieBeast2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Alrdy got steady aim-pro,second chance pro and hardline pro. Hardline is killer with sam turret,care package and sentry gun. Just double click and hope for attack dogs or gunner ship:D