'Halo' After 'Reach': What's in Store for 'Halo 4?' [Game Rant]

Andrew Dyce of Game Rant writes: "It’s hard to overstate the impact that the Halo franchise has had on the games industry, and popular culture as a whole, over the last decade. The original Halo is widely acknowledged as the game that launched Microsoft’s entry into gaming with the Xbox, and for years it remained one of the system-exclusive titles that simply had to be played. With every new entry in the series, sales records were obliterated and reviews skyrocketed. With the recent success of Halo: Reach, it became even clearer just how close the series has become to the hearts of fans."

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Stuart57562985d ago

Halo 4, come on, Bungie are no longer involved, a new dev company has been created to produce future Halo games, What's in store for Halo 4? An inferior product, that's what.

SixZeroFour2985d ago

cant say that, the team that make up 343 industries are more than competent

m232985d ago

A lot of people from Bungie have moved over to 343, you can't say it will be inferior until you try it.

SpeedyDesiato2985d ago

Hey, who knows how good it will be. I just honestly wonder how they'll handle the story of the Master Chief.

Munky2985d ago

Hopefully they game continues the storyline of Ghosts of Onxy, pretty safe bet that all Halo fans want to know what happens to the remaining Spartans II's and III's.