8-Bit Oddities

We Got This Covered takes a look back to retro games and the oddities of them. For example why do you die when you fall in water, why are there question mark blocks in Super Mario Bros., why in The Legend of Zelda are there diamonds hidden in trees and more!

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S_p_or_t_o2987d ago

why was there some fool shooting everything in sight in asteroids.

i could rationalize the asteroids but alien spaceships too??!!!

why did pacman only eat ghost when they turned blue? did it make them blue raspberry flavored?

Pookers2987d ago

well that was old school gaming right there now wasnt it! haha

TheHip142987d ago

Haha love the Pacman one, that was quite odd

avroth162986d ago

lol great article
I hated the hidden rupees in the bushes, so annoying

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The story is too old to be commented.