GameSpot: The UnderGarden Review

It shouldn't take much longer than five hours to play through the 15 levels in The UnderGarden, but it's worth going back for more. There are hidden gems and special flowers in each world, and you get a bonus for collecting every musician and causing every flower to bloom. But the real reason to replay levels is the engrossing atmosphere. The gorgeous visual design and enthralling score create a peaceful feeling that's difficult to pull away from even after you've seen everything this game has to offer. You can also play through the whole adventure cooperatively, and though it doesn't change the gameplay, it's fun to experience these worlds with someone else. It's a shame the controls can't match the joy exuded by the other elements, and the camera too often has a mind of its own, but these are small problems in a game overflowing with simple pleasures.

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romancer2986d ago

After a good month of playing "Fallout New Vegas," "Fable 3" and, currently, "Call of Duty: Black Ops" (as well as the Undead expansion to "Red Dead Redemption" -- my favorite game of the year) I was psychologically prepared for the leisurely pleasures of "The Undergarden".

It has received some ho-hum reviews -- reviewers often forget that they are more often reviewing themselves rather than the game at hand -- but truth be told "The Undergarden" is almost as visually stylish as "Limbo", and almost as challenging (an 8 as Gamespot gave it, rather than a 9).

A perfect inbetween-game.... a restful diversion. It has given me full value for the small price (800 Microsoft points or $10 approx on PS3) that it costs.