GameInformer: Where Did All the JRPGs Go?

Obviously much of the genre has moved to handhelds, but will people be seeing any of these series return in current-gen console games?

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NYC_Gamer2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

on the ds/psp

WildArmed2987d ago

Like i've said again and again.

It's quite sad state of HD consoles and JRPG genre.
Last gen was blooming w/ great JRPGs, and now we have no good JRPGs.
Apparently SE (and other JRPG producers) think that giving us half-assed crap will generate good revenue.
They use that as an excuse NOT to release higher-ranked JRPG franchises on HD consoles and stick to handhelds.

If you give us crap, don't expect it to sell.
I keep hearing that JRPGs market for HD consoles is bad(I think the SE head said that)..
umm no.
We just don't get great JRPGs.. they are all on PSP/DS.
So we don't buy the crappy ones that SE poops out every few months.
(I'm not saying we haven't had great JRPGs, but pointing out the fact that I could count them with my fingers on one hand) :(

Tdmd2987d ago

"If you give us crap, don't expect it to sell."

But it DOES sells. Just look at FFXIII: crapy as crap can get, and sold like lemonades on the desert. It's a shame, but people keep supporting brands over quallity.

Cloudberry2987d ago

My thoughts exactly.

In my opinion, although JRPGs right now are not that much for consoles, the portable versions are great.

The DS & PSP are really JRPG haven.

Ultraplayerxd2987d ago

Its a shame we can't see these awesome franchises make a return to the current gen. Personally, I blame it on the Japanese devs who'd rather take whats so good about JRPGs and try to "westernize" them in order to achieve better market impact rather than stepping it up and actually focusing on what made these games successful and loved in the first place.

Tuxedo_Mask2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

The funny thing is that the Shin Megami Tensei games (Persona included) are much more well received than the 'westernized' games and you can't get more Japanese than them. Plus most of them still use the turn based combat system, which a lot of people think is dead.

Baba19062987d ago

i want some good jrpgs... they dont have to be 10/10 but at least make them a bit fun. Eternal sonata was good for example. and i dont need realistic graphics just make it magicaly fantastic. =D

darkdoom30002987d ago

Portables. They sell sh!tloads in japan, so it makes sense that jpn devs would concetrate on them.

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