Spawn Kill: Holiday Guft Guide for Family Gamers

Liztress of Spawn Kill writes about games and accessories that will appeal to those buying games for the whole family.

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theherp802984d ago

i really do need to get that Kirby game

K-Tuck2983d ago

Yeah, but then you run the risk of owning a Wii. And no one wants that.

rrquinta2983d ago

Oh, be nice. The Wii has plenty of good games. It has tons of crap games, but it also has plenty of good ones, too. I could think of at least two dozen off the top of my head.

Drachaus2984d ago

You know, I've got a friend who's kids are now just old enough to start playing games. Thanks for the help!

Snarkasaur2984d ago

My family never played games with me. So I killed them. Life lesson. Read this guide.

rrquinta2983d ago

What I think is interesting (and a bit sad) is that the Kinect can't "see" younger/smaller children (under 40"), meaning either they get left out, or you have to mount the camera really high. :S

tigresa2983d ago

I've actually gotten it to work with my smaller cousins! They just need to get a teeny bit closer than you do. But they're also kinda overactive and not really paying attention to what they're doing so they always end up jumping around and being silly than really trying to "win" or play, but I guess that's what matters in the end anyway.