Bleszinski Discusses Kinect Usage in Gears 3 writes, "There have been quite a few rumors regarding Kinect in Gears of War 3, and we've yet to receive the official word on the usage in the title by any of the Gears staff. Looks like we now have concrete proof if Cliff Bleszinski's Twitter account has anything to do with it."

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Balt 2989d ago

Could be what Kinect needs. I don't know how it'd work, I'm not a developer or tech savvy enough to make suggestions in this field, but it could be something to show consumers Hardcore can be done on the system. As of right now I just can't see much coming from Kinect in way of core games. I've played with Kinect a dozen times now and it just doesn't jive with me. Not in its current state. Move is by far a more superior form of media and, even with its lack of quality software, the games speak more to me.

I look forward to hearing more on GEOW for Kinect, though. It might be special and pave the way for something big.

RememberThe3572989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

He said GoeW3 was not going to use Kinect. I would be interested in how they would do that as well but since it's not happening I'm gonna let it go.

@sitlab below: Oh, I see. I just don't see how those things could work, or much less be fun to play. I'm not against it if it works, I'm just not trying to get my hopes up.

tmoss7262989d ago

Off game? Like GTA San Andreas. Or new IP maybe? Cause Gears is only suppose to be a trilogy. Who knows.

Balt 2989d ago

Yes, I read that. I wasn't speaking in absolutes. Meaning, I look forward to hearing more things like this for Kinect in the future. If not Gears something else along the lines of it. A Resident Evil, a good one, perhaps. A FPS would be nice too. I'd like to see more than gesture based casual games is what I'm saying. Because right now it plays like a Wacom Pen Tablet for your PC, only with out the pen and tablet.

I find myself doing some of the same gestures as I would with my pen tablet using Twisted Brush pro.

gaden_malak2989d ago

"Cause Gears is only suppose to be a trilogy. Who knows."

So was Halo.

Gears has enough of a back story to have spin offs and other series. IMO.

OmarsAccount2989d ago

I welcome Kinect, but I don't want it just added on to existing core franchises unless executed from the ground up like Dance Central or Kinectimals....

JAMurida2989d ago


Yeah I was about to say, Halo was suppose to be a trilogy but look at it now. If they make a lot of money from Gears 3, than I'm sure they'll find a way to make spin offs/a prequel to Gears of War 1 to make some more money. Who knows... maybe even a Gears of War RTS.

gamingdroid2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

... and there is nothing wrong with that as long as there is a demand for it. People buying it, doesn't it mean they want it? If they don't, the series will eventually die.

I mean look at Mario, that series probably has the most releases of any ip, but guess what I enjoyed Super Mario Galaxy and it is one of the highest rated games!

* Comment below is NOT intended for you, JAMurida, specifically. Just in general.

I really dislike it when people complain about too many releases. Frankly, I enjoy CoD every year (well except for the WWII themed ones) and I see no issue paying for it.

Let people that want these have it. If you don't want it, don't buy it and it doesn't affect you!

Kevin ButIer2989d ago

Finally a clear and no jerky comment from Cliff...

Good to know.

inveni02989d ago

Oh brother... Gears is way to fast moving to depend on Kinect tracking. If they implemented it at all, it could only be to map your face to Marcus...and that would be stupid.

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soljah2989d ago

you guys know that kinect takes up to 10% or more of the cpu. do not thin that they would dumb down the graphics like other kinect titles so it would work phew phew !!

Moentjers2989d ago

"I don't know how it'd work"

well, that's my problem with the whole kinect idea. They promise alot, they promote it like it's the next big thing in gaming but... nobody knows what to do with it for the moment (execpt hyper-casual on-rails, dance and fitness games).

Extreme curious for the controls in the 5 announced hard-core games for 2011.

stickskills2989d ago

I'm expecting a lot of voice commands and different areas on the screen we have to select/hit while we're playing. Wouldn't be surprised if a "wand" or peripheral came out in the near future for it.

AAACE52989d ago

Gears 3 will play the way the others played and that's with a controller! There will be a spin off Gears game for Kinect that will probably be more of a rail shooter or like that star wars game they showed a few months ago.

Would be cool if they released a Lancer peripheral to play with though!

And before any of the fanboys get too crazy, theye will be some sort of controller add on for Kinect to bring in more hardcore games. it's just an evolution thing because you can only do so much!

But go ahead... if it makes you feel powerful to say MS is copying Sony... whatever... do what you do... won't change anything and that is everyone is copying everyone! Hell, Nintendo might end up coming with a camera to replace the sensor bar... who knows!

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RememberThe3572989d ago

I think Kinect is fine for those people looking for a more casual experience. But for games that require precision, it doesn't seem like the best option.

Dragun6192989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )


Anyone checked Neogaf? Looks like they mocked up some screens.

EvolZero2989d ago

The first pic is funny. The second actually made me think. That would actually be kind of cool to have kinect track movements for finishers. Obviously curb stomping would work. How about a kick so hard their head bursts. Or maybe pointing to give the A.I. Instructions on where to form up for support or covering fire. Could also be an extra way to communicate with team members quickly instead if having to describe where the enemy is that u spotted and create a waypoint (Ubisoft could use that in the next Ghost Recon). I guess kinect is really only as limited as the imagination of the developers

ThePhuq2989d ago

Gears doesn't need Kinect.

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