Call of Duty: Black Ops Summit Secret Area / Glitch

Check out this Call of Duty: Black Ops video which includes secret areas in the map Summit.

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scar202986d ago

First two i didn't know about but the rail cart i did.

Shackdaddy8362986d ago

Doesnt seem like a glitch like the title says. Seems like they meant to put the first two in there since there was that big window there(obviously they meant to put that third area) ...

Call_me_Ishmael2986d ago

cool,i just wish the skilift was moving.

Calm Down Sunshine2986d ago

The Skilift should move once someone gets in it, and take the miscreants far far away, never to return.

BubbleSystemSuck2986d ago

and where is the "glutch"?

people dont know really what a glitch or Bug is

SpinalRemains1382985d ago

These arent secrets though.
Maybe he just got the game