Gran Turismo 5: Black Friday Deals

Gran Turismo 5 will go on sale throughout North America on Wednesday, November 24th. With perfect physics, 100 tracks, over 1,000 cars, a full Blu-ray of content and more modes and challenges than Takeshi’s castle GT5 is not only the best Gran Turismo game to date, or even the best racing game to date — but could quite possibly be the one of the best games to date. Being a flagship title GT5 supports all of the latest technology Sony has to offer. This includes both 3D and PlayStation Move, as well as supporting all of the expected steering wheel peripherals.


Added Black Friday offer details.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

So amazing.

Best racing title you can find in a console.

DigitalAnalog2985d ago

But I laugh at these fools.

-End statement

Armyntt2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Dude the -end statement- needs to go. Doesnt give u anymore emphasis just makes u look like a tool.

gaden_malak2985d ago

Are people so grammatically ignorant they do not know the purpose of a full-stop?

ilikestuff2985d ago

-begin statement

yea i agree, stop the end statement and start using begin statement, its badass, its like the intro of a wrestler, itll get the reader pumped for whatever your about to say

-end statement......... sh!t! didnt meant to say that

Armyntt2985d ago

yea exactly because when u put end statement i didnt know how far up to look to begin. Now if u put begin, i know where your comment starts.

gunnerforlife2984d ago

@armyntt i lold at that

end statement... ¬¬

pimpmaster2985d ago

pretty stupid thing to say for a game thats not even out yet.

but hey, duke nukem forever is the best FPS title you can find in a console.

acere2985d ago

full-blown tournaments can be created, including real-time events such as the Le-Mann 24hrs endurance race.

wow cant wait to try that.

joydestroy2985d ago

what black friday deal? there wasn't one. misleading title dude c'mon

wsoutlaw872985d ago Show
AKA2985d ago

don't you wish that all games had this quality ?

i will pay $120 next time, if you need to hire the double of workers, if it helps to finish the games of this quality faster.

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