OXCGN’s Black Ops review: Is it your duty to take this call?


"The Call of Duty series has had a yearly iteration (by a coincidence almost, early on) ever since the first game of the series in 2003. Luckily, for the most part, each addition to the series did something significantly new or notable...

Never in my life have I been this undecided on where I actually stand regarding a game. This review is as much a journey for me as it is to you, the interested reader. But without further adieu, let’s embark upon this adventure of mysteriousness, shall we?"

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BadCircuit2990d ago

I only really liked Call of Duty 2 and 3, maybe 4. They were the best in my opinion. I think that now there is too many Call of Duty games.

XboxOZ3602990d ago

I think there's 'talk' of CoD heading to Space in the next iteration????

Proeliator2989d ago

A domain name called Call of Duty: Space Warfare or something of the like was registered a few months back. Get your space suits ready, because the space Nazis are coming!

seinfan2990d ago

The campaign was actually memorable in CoD2.

XboxOZ3602990d ago

Yep, looks like it's 'move overt Master Chief' . . Time for CoD to don the space Suits and be the bad asse Space Marine Corps.

I certainly hope not, but did see mention of it in a fleeting snipping in a interview over last few days.

gaminoz2990d ago

It seems a lot of people didn't think Treyarch could do better than Infinity Ward based on COD 3 and World at War, but now are shocked to see Black Ops be good?

Personally I'm over the too-serious shooters though.

XboxOZ3602990d ago

Love the game thus far, and still think both Black Ops and Medal of Honor offer FPS gamers a wide variety of styles and gameplay.

Not keen on the Zombie side of things with many games these days, so will give that side of it a big miss.

Godem2990d ago

sorry but the story in this one was awful. And the story was a major let down in how each mission played out... abrupt endings/sudden location changes etc.

AKissFromDaddy2990d ago

Black Ops is the worst COD I've ever played and I played COD4 and up.