Gamefly November Under $20 Blowout Sale Kicks Off

"Gamefly is currently offering up to 50% off with FREE shipping on select pre-played Xbox 360, PS3, and Nintendo Wii games!

All Gamefly pre-played games are pre-inspected, come with a new case and manual and are 100% guaranteed.

FYI - you don't have to be a current rental member to get in on these deals!

Browse the selection and grab games now, as it will thin out quickly as word spreads..."

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scar202985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Hmmm the two mario games would make good gifts for my nephews for christmas..sadly the ps3 link is broken.

Edit:got it to work :)

Would anyone recommend heavy rain,demons souls,modnation racers,mag,and borderlands?

Red_Phoenix2985d ago


Demon Souls is an absolute must! I can not explain how amazing that game is. Gameplay mechanics are unique, visuals are stunning, and re-playability is endless. There is no way I can ever come near to explaining how great of a game this is.
Mag was super fun when it came out, but sadly has lost a lot of it community base. If you play the big 250 player map, then you would be playing basically the same people most of the time. The game is a blast and still properly supported by the developers, but I do not know how much longer the community will last.
Heavy Rain I do not own, but from all my friends who played it said it was fascinating. The only part that is a bit plain is the beginning. The slow start would be the only downside, but other than that I assume its a great game from the reviews I have read.
Modnation Racers and Borderlands I have not played so I have no comments on them.

ECM0NEY2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Borderlands is awesome. You can play with friends online and split screen. The weapon moding system is pretty cool. There is tons of DLC out for it as well. I was renting it but when the price dropped i just bought it.

Demon Souls is one of the best rpgs i have ever played.

I was not a fan of Heavy Rain. I couldnt get past the slow begining.

showtimefolks2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

borderlands i have spent atleast 15-200 hours with game/dlc

heavy rain you HAVE TO PLAY

modnation racer they just released a patch not long ago to fix the difficulty/loading time issues

mag was good but now its too many sniper

DS i have never heard anything bad about the game besides from the fact its a really hard RPG


showtimefolks2985d ago

gamestop will have a buy 2 get 1 free used games sale on black friday

so sometimes i pick up awsome games there too

Neo Nugget2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Forgotten Sands is worth 9 bucks. I rented it and beat it in a week.

XI_-Minty-_IX2985d ago

Heavy Rain is definitely one of the best non-mainstream games I've ever played. That was just a surreal experience. And yea, Red_Phoenix is right, the start is pretty slow. Everything after that, however, is a thrilling adventure.

Shang-Long2985d ago

just got asssasins creed 2 mon nation and batman... 3 grest games for 60 bucks gotta love it

BiggCMan2985d ago

Got Heavy Rain, Bad Company 2, Borderlands, Modnation, Mass Effect, and Mass Effect 2, all for the beautiful price of 2 brand new 60 dollar games. That is just excellent. All I need is GT5, and my holiday spending is done.

Dark_king2985d ago

MAG still has plenty of players.And is one of my favorite FPS.However its a very tactically driven game that punishes lone wolfs.If you like working as a team then I would suggest you get it.An its not over run with snipers like dude above said.

Exquisik2985d ago

If you have a backlog of games, I would highly recommend getting modnation racers for $17.99 then trade it on for 1000 points. 1000 points is the equivalent of trading for a new released game. So for $17.99 you can actually get a new released used game, only shortcoming is that you have to wait longer to get your hands on the game.

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PS360PCROCKS2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Awesome! I got the 2 games I've been wanting to pick up!! Mass Effect 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction. $30 with tax? HELL YEAH!!

SKUD2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Time to go shopping for some REAL DEALS. Thnx GF

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ScubaSteve12985d ago

finally i can buy ff 13 at a real cheap price

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