Should You Buy an iPhone or iPod Touch For Gaming? (Updated 15/11/2010)

Kotaku writes: The iPhone and iPod Touch may not be the most successful smartphone and multimedia devices in history, but they're certainly the ones with the biggest buzz. [UPDATED for the holidays.]

Since their release in 2007 there have been countless upgrades, new models and of course those thousands and thousands of applications.

This is our best advice — updated regularly — about whether or not you should buy an iPhone or iPod Touch for gaming, what games to get for it and what to watch out for.

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Call_me_Ishmael2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

neither,save your money and wait for 3ds,that is
if you just want it to play games

toaster2985d ago

I had an iPhone 3GS. Sold it, got a Milestone. Then I got an iPod touch. I also have a DSiXL. DS games and iDevice games play very differently, the 3DS has much better controls because of the physical buttons but there are quite a lot of good games on iPod that make use of the touch screen.

I love RPG games myself, probably 50% of apps on my iPod are RPGs. The App store is filled with awesome RPGs and even big name RPGs. Currently playing Zenonia 2, Undercroft, Dungeon Hunter and Rings of Chaos. On my DS I'm playing Curious Village, Phantom Hourglass, Dragon Quest 5, FF3, and Chrono Trigger.

EeJLP-2985d ago


#1. Games made for touch are mostly garbage, very basic, boring games. [with a few exceptions that are decent, but still not great]

#2. iPhone does not equal smartphone. I had to post this on another article yesterday. An Android phone is just as capable, and in a lot of cases with recent phones, they are more capable.

#3. If we're talking emulators, then again, touch screen sucks for emulators, because there's no buttons. Everything is flat, so you miss buttons. Your thumbs are in the way of the screen. Nothing is precise. Also, again, Android phones are just as and specifically with this issue, they are more capable, because some aren't purely touch screen. Some Androids have keyboards with buttons that can make gaming a bit easier.

F iPhones/iPads overall (my personal opinion), but F them definitely when it comes to gaming.

Rush2985d ago

Dude do you even know what planet your on because you just typed some of the biggest nonsense I have ever read.

1) I have had plenty of fun with Iphone games why I do agree a lot are basic there are a few 40+ hour long JRPG's mixed in although not enough admittedly.

2) What on earth are you even talking about the Iphone 4 is the most capable smart phone out there, It's App store is 10x more successful then the android counterpart.

The Iphone 4 handset may have less market share then droid down to there being 2 handsets for sale not 200 (droid) but the profit Apple makes from there App store is 5x that of droid for a reason.

3) Disagree, I can play J-RPG's like FF7, FF8, FF9 Suikoden 2, Chrono trigger and many many more perfectly fine on my Iphone. Sure racers would take more skill but old racing games don't age as well as J-RPG's anyway thus not many people want to play them.

And since you clearly don't own an Iphone why would anyone give the slightest shit of your opinion on them since your clearly uninformed if you think the Iphone ain't a smart phone.

Sitris2985d ago

beat me to it :P

Exactly as he said, i have played my iPad more than my DS and PSP since i got it, the games on the app store are fantastic. Not all games, but there are many addictive, long and fantastic games on the service.

Cutter202985d ago

Bubble up for EEJLP and Rush. Good points.

Steve_02985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Not to mention that because of the competition, games on the iPhone tend to go for between $0.99 and $4.99. Sure, most traditional games are better played with physical controls, but the iPhone has some gems out there that work great with the touch screen. Puzzle games are great, and work as a short bout of gaming while you're waiting at the DMR or something. GeoDefense alone has probably taken 30+ hours from me.

Also, games are available as downloadable content, wherever you are in most cases. It's pretty damn convenient to be able to buy, download and start playing a game in no time. And since they're so cheap, even a game with little replay value can get its moneys worth. I won't go into the iPhone as a smartphone, many people have already, but it's a damn capable phone. Android isn't half bad, but iPhone works best for me as a combination of great hardware, decent battery life, App store, and a fully functional iPod wherever I am, with the iTunes Store whenever I want.

EeJLP-2985d ago

I didn't say an iPhone isn't a smartphone. I said, "iPhone does not equal smartphone".

Do you see the difference? Think about it for a second. I'm talking about people using "iPhone" in place of the word "smartphone".

I had a much longer reply, but it won't submit.. just brings me to an error page. So the main points are:

Newer Androids are just as capable and in most cases, more capable. The EVO 4G, Droid X, Epic 4G, some Galaxy S's most likely for example, meet or exceed in almost every area. Also, some have keyboards, which brings the playability up for games that are difficult or unplayable on touchscreen. The keyboard alone makes certain Androids more capable at gaming. That's a simple fact, not an opinion or a bias.

I also make the point that I'm on a 4.3" screen and you miss buttons or hit wrong buttons while blocking a good chunk of the screen while touchscreen gaming. You think that translates favorably to the iPhone 4's 3.5" screen? My guess would be the opposite.

And @Cutter20, bubbles up back at you for not jumping on the hate bandwagon and instead recognizing good points from both sides. Thanks.

Rush2985d ago

Well am sorry for getting the wrong end of the stick but saying "iPhone does not equal smartphone" and meaning it's not the only smartphone is terrible English.

You could of simply said the Iphone ain't the only smartphone and I would of instantly understood your point.

As for Droid counterparts from a purely hardware standpoint they do often bold better in the Iphone in certain areas. First of the Iphone clearly has the best resolution screen on the market, Why the HTC 4.3" screens have the most real estate if you don't count tablets.

Samsung Galaxy S also has the best processor it's the same as found in the Iphone 4 but with a better GPU, problem is there's no real game development drive for droid phones and am willing to be that awesome GPU never gets used.

You have to look at 6 things when considering the Iphone vs the Droid of your choice.

1) usability, sure Android has come a long way and it may have a few more features like widgets then IOS4 it's still no where near as user friendly or simple.

2) All around performance, The Iphone 4 hardware wise is very impressive in some areas and average in others. But consider this what droid phone offers the same resolution as the Iphone 4 and a gyroscope?

Answer: None

The gyroscope is massively important for FPS gaming on the Iphone and can be used in other types of gaming also, an accelerometer without a gyroscope is almost useless for gaming in comparison.

3) portability it's all good saying "HEY I GOTA EVO 4G look at my massive screen" but the phone is a brick to some people, sure some like the big screen to others the handset is way to big the Iphone 4 is designed for everyone.

4) Battery life, The Evo 4G's battery life is shockingly bad I mean sure you can buy multiple battery's for the Evo and swap them out but who on earth does that?

5) Stability, The Iphone 4's battery being none accessible to the average user does piss people off. But it also says a lot about the phone The Iphone doesn't crash my old droid Phone used to crash 5x a week.

6) Developer support, Droid is 2/3 years behind the Iphone in terms of developer support for gaming sure you have emulators but that's all you have. You will never be able to play more then a N64/PS1 game on the Evo 4G.

Why the Iphone is getting games developed for it with better graphics then seen on the Wii good look seeing games like that on Droid.

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Rush2985d ago

It depends on the type of gaming you intend to do, First of all the Ipod/Iphone is one of the cheapest gaming consoles around I know that sounds nuts but consider the price of games.

For £2:50 in the UK you get Sims 3 on the DS it costs you £25-30, the Iphone version is completely superior to the DS version also.

You also get games like street fighter 4 Sonic 4 and Resident even 4, as well as a lot of other classics. For fun arcade games you can't go wrong with an Iphone/Ipod it's cheaper then any handheld once you have bought 5 or 10 games.

But for JRPG's the Iphone 4 is a fucking joke, it has like 3 or 4 decent JRPG's one a PSP conversion called Crimison Gem Sega that's bout the highlight of the JRPG collection on the app store.

For first person shooters you can get a decent call of duty rip off which has very nice graphics and suprisingly decent gameplay.

To be honest the Iphone/Ipod gaming platform does offer the best value for money except for long games like J-RPG's.

ReservoirDog3162985d ago

Soosiz on the app store is a good platformer. And besides that there's really nothing outstandingly noteworthy.

Pikajew2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

but i got my itouch as a gift and i jailbroke it, like every thing that can plays games there are good games and bad games

i also have a DS that has a lot better game

Moentjers2985d ago

"if you just want it to play games "

I can't agree more...

But if you're buying an iPad, the changes are very very very big that you'll be hooked on to games like Angry Birds...

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popzara_press2985d ago

"The iPhone and iPod Touch may not be the most successful smartphone and multimedia devices in history, but they're certainly the ones with the biggest buzz."

Aah, Gawker websites and their troll-stirring ways. I wonder how the author defines 'success'? By the number of actual units sold or by how many advertisements its parent company buys for their own website? Considering the source, probably neither; facts can be very difficult things. :)

LordMarius2985d ago

not sure if serious.....

rjdofu2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

If you're totally into gaming, don't buy Apple stuffs...

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