The online evil

Mygaming: Is being online all it’s really cracked up to be? Sure it can be awesome hooking up with some friends in the latest game offering, but what of the detriments? This column is a look at the frustrating side of being online (specifically the cheaters and trolls) and how it can negatively affect one's gaming outlook.

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scar202988d ago

The one thing i can't stand is racism and people who tell a girl/woman who is playing online to go make them a sandwhich.But then again majority are under 13 who have yet to hit puberty.

-Mezzo-2988d ago

I completely agree with you,

AAACE52986d ago

There are so many people who piss me off online that I usually keep my mic stunrd down and muted so I don't get the urge to argue with those b*tches!

I hate when idiots are online and I really hate it when they start talking sh*t to girls/women as well.

NecrumSlavery2986d ago

Rascism is really annoying, but I personally think the thing I HATE the most is asshole kids rapping and singing on the mic. It's worse when they have there TVs cranked up and that shizzer is echoed like they are friggin' T-Pain or something..

IDEA ALERT!!!! They should let you AutoTune your voice at the voice changing setting, so when playing NukeTown, I can sing the "Double Rainbow" song! It would get old fast

Call_me_Ishmael2988d ago

yep,playing online is fun but online community,some can be fun
and some can be @ssholes,especially whiny little kids

-Mezzo-2988d ago

I have played with so e of the most amazing people, who really understand what online gaming is, who respect others and get respect in return, and have also played with kids who have called me Fat,fa--ot, a-Hole, which i am not.

I always avoid those type of people. so should everyone.

scar202988d ago

I'm assuming all those kids parnets didn't raise them right.

awiseman2987d ago

this article only got approved cuz of pic, srsly it has nothing to do wit the article lol

mushroomwig2986d ago

It got my attention, 'The online evil' with a picture of the Playstation Network logo is pretty unfair to say the least.

Fishy Fingers2986d ago

I mute everyone from the get go. Always have.

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The story is too old to be commented.