Gamespot: Gran Turismo 5 Video Preview

Shaun McInnis just barely scratches the surface of what's in store when Gran Turismo 5 hits store shelves later this month.

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So impressive. It have a lot of stuff in 1 Blu ray Disc.

Is just insane.

Death24942984d ago

I'm definitely picking this one up.

mt2984d ago

by pre-ordering the special edition.

zireno2984d ago

Tomorrow I'm going to pick up my gt racing wheel :D!! I want this game now!!

49erguy2984d ago

Its gonna sell more around release than Xmas. What GT5 fan could wait till Xmas to play it? I preoredered it on amazon with release day delivery.

Ilikegames762984d ago

my Amazon pre-order as they are going to deliver the game first week of December. I can't wait that long. Instead, I'm going to the store and pick it up in person. Hopefully, there are some left for me to buy.
*keep fingers cross*

Cevapi882984d ago

do you know about release on date delivery, if you had that option checked, then amazon should have your copy sent to you by the 24th since that is the release date of GT5

thats what i have on my pre-order

Ilikegames762984d ago

but the Amazon website in which I ordered will only deliver the game first week of December.

Dig_Dug2984d ago

Pay attention ladies and gentlemen. GT5 is a true "System Seller". BTW, did they say we get to play as the Stig on Top Gear's Test Track?! Oh hell! It's on!

deafwing2984d ago

is for this to not disappoint me - I avoided GT 4 and the other spin offs .. this is looking to be something different than the last set of games ... so I'm willing to give it a try ... and then there's the track editor (that sells me easily to)

raztad2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )


I dont think you will be disappointed by this

Mind blown. I'm not a racing fan but GT5 is so tempting.

UltraNova2984d ago

This..this is madness!!

meetajhu2983d ago

Yeah finally i can wash my eyeballs

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BeAGamer2984d ago

Nov. 24th
a day i'll never forget :)
can't wait to pop that GT5 disc in my PS3

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2984d ago

I have my pre-order in and will be playing it on the 24th! :D

Would it be to much if I said I love my PS3/Sony?


zeddy2984d ago

hopefully my local 24hr asda will do a midnight lauch, i'll be there.

feelintheflow2984d ago

I just wonder if there has ever been a game that has taken as long and has had so many video's of it leaked on the net. For about 8 months we have seen video after video of gameplay for this beast and still we wait. At least the wait is almost over. Gonna get mine day 1.

DigitalAnalog2984d ago

It should be the de-facto standard on PS3 exclusives. To hell with DLC when they pull off something like ACII's "corrupted memories".

-End statement

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theafroman2984d ago

i wonder wen the reviews will go up and how much it will do in sales

Bathyj2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

And thats what the haters need to keep in mind.

You could play this for 4 weeks solid, about 3 weeks longer than Black Ops kept me entertained, and you've still barely scratched the surface.

@Reggie Below
They could take out 800 cars, still have 200 of the most finely detailed cars in a game ever. Would THAT make people happy?

I personally dont care about "tuning" the appearance of my car, I'd rather tune the performance. I think most people that have been playing GT from the beginning would realise this is the way GT has, and will always be.

If you need fluro stickers and decals to race, as pretty as they might be, then you're looking at the wrong game.

OhReginald2984d ago

I think premium / standard cars will be the main negative factor, judging by this video. Otherwise the game is a perfect 10...gamespot will probably give it a 9.5 or 9.0.

cvflyboy2984d ago

I got mines 2 days decision ever... I can never go back 2 the controller

yoghurt2984d ago

premium/standard really should not impact scores. 200 premium cars is more than enough, I doubt anyone will even play all of those, the way I see it is the other 800 are just a bonus!

200 cars, that's loads!

scar202984d ago

Man this game is looking awesome but i really hate that we are not gonna get the blue ps3 bundle so i have no choice but to import it.

nix2984d ago

wow.. that's hardcore.

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