Microsoft favorite to buy Rock Band developer Harmonix?

Max Console: "MSNBC has been discussing possible purchasers. One of their 'favorites' appears to be MS, who they have the following to say about a potential deal - "exclusivity is big among all three of the console makers, making Harmonix a tempting acquisition if it could design music games specifically for its parent console."

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golsilva2983d ago

im still thinking ea or activision will be first to buy harmonix but yea in terms of money, ms would be able to offer the most if they really wanted it. but considering that ms hasnt bought many studios this gen or any, this is probably not part of their current strategy.

Dragun6192983d ago

Yeah, I think Harmonix might go to EA or Konami hopefully not Activision. I don't think MS will buy them though, cause Dance Central is right now, only possible on Kinect so MS doesn't have to worry about exclusivity.

muzzy2982d ago

It's really funny how virtually everybody ignores Singstar Dance. If something isn't thrown in your face with $500m advertising it doesn't exist for you?

user8586212982d ago

singstar dance whats that? sing with a microphone in 1 hand n waving a wand in another :S

KotC2982d ago

What is Singstar Dance?

mcstorm2982d ago

Have you seen Singstar Dance it looks the worst dance game ever. And the Advert the have on the TV for it at the moment dose not give it any justice it just makes it look worse.

I hope MS do buy then it would make scene as the RockBand games have always done better on the 360 than the other consoles since the start and they were the ones who backed the game when it was first released and now Dance Central. MS need a company like to to make something there own like sony have done over the years.

zag2982d ago

I surely hope not.

If MS bought them they'll have them shut down and non existing after 3 months.

muzzy2982d ago

@mcstorm: I've seen youtube videos of gameplay. It's a dance game, you move your body to the music. The only difference when it comes down to gameplay is you hold a controller in your hand. I'm not speculating if it's better or worse than Dance Central, just saying it does exist and saying "Dance Central is possible only with Kinect" is being brainwashed by MS advertising and ignoring reality.

Lightsaber2982d ago

WTF does singstar have to do with Harmonix ?

To be honest i dont think it matters who buys them. They dont make anything that be a system seller. Band games have been beaten to death. Not only has has that horse been beaten to death it be beaten into a fine glue.

Dance central can only be done on kinects. plus I dont think that they can make more then 2 or 3 for them till that horse is dead too.

AAACE52982d ago

The only problem is Harmonix only makes music games! Ideally, it would make sense for MS to buy them, but all of the people who like Harmonix games would have to buy a 360 or settle for Guitar Hero. Most would probably just go with GH.

Music games are popular and having Harmonix on MS' team could do well because they can come up with many different games. But at the same time, you don't want to buy a company who is a 1 trick pony. MS did it with their past developers and ended up letting them go because they didn't believe in those studios being able to create another good franchise.

When MS bought Rare, they believed they were getting a great team who would be responsible for the future flagship titles for the Xbox brand! Rare has proven to be a team of over 200 people who can't get it together.

To me, 200 people means you have the teams split in 3 parts. 1 makes games for 360, another makes Kinect games and the other deals with XBL. They haven't come out with a worthwhile title in years!

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RememberThe3572982d ago

I would assume EA, but I'm not sure if the Music game genre is growing or shrinking. They seem to be a solid team though and having them in your corner would not be a bad situation.

Silver3602982d ago

The company is valued based on sales on all three platforms. Being exclusively for the Xbox cuts those sales down to a third. MS would be buying a company at a 300% mark up in the value it is to them. It is better they stay third party.

Rainstorm812983d ago

That would be a fairly big aquisition for MS....Although i dont think it would happen, As MS can get exclusive games from them now.

The only downside is Harmonix only makes music based games, but 360 would have the best availible if the picked them up.

stardusk2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

This wouldn't be fair to the ps3 and wii owners. Why would Viacom do that? (sell to Microsoft)

OneSneakyMofo2982d ago


They make more money making multiplatform games.

Close_Second2982d ago

...the studio making money its about those who own the studio making money and moving on.

Mc Fadge2982d ago

Lipstick on a pig? I mean, the franchise really isn't selling that well after 10,000 editions

yeracnivek712982d ago're confusing Rockband with Guitar Hero, hun. :o

Calm Down Sunshine2982d ago

And then Apple swoop in and snatch the deal, and Harmonix end up working in Apple owned sweatshops crafting titles like "iSing" and "iSing 2" and "iSing 3" for the new Apple "iMic" a microphone with built in speakers and auto-tune, so you can sing your favourite Take That songs wherever you are, for only £375.

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