Official Playstation Magazine UK Rates PS3 Games

The Latest PS3 game ratings from the British "Official PlayStation Magazine". The scale is from one (worst) up to ten points (best).

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psycho3604064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

LOL wonder why no ps3 fanboys approving it. Lair 6, HS 7 only warhawk is voted 9 out of all your AAA titles. Singstar doesnt count that karaoke thing is not a game.

PlayStation3604064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

Singstar does count. That's like saying Guitar hero or Rock band wouldn't count. A game is a game bro. Back on topic, Dirt surprised me with that score. That game didn't appeal to me one bit. But eh, to each his own.

-CaT-4064d ago

I didn't realize that these were ALL of what PS3 offered this year.. I guess those other games like R+C future, Uncharted, Wipeout HD, UT3 , and Haze don't count eh? (as well as non exclusives) ..

As an owner of all systems and not being a "big" fan of Halo. I must say that the PS3 holiday line up is looking solid to say the least..

bootsielon4064d ago

Your opinion doesn't count, as your username ends with "360".

resistance1004064d ago

Im sure this has been posted before?

Still OPMuk are faily strict when it comes to scores as some may think

they gave resistance 7, motorstorm 8, only games other than this issue to get 9's are oblivion (which actually got a 10), VF5 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma

macsto4064d ago

ouch, 7 for heavenly sword............

At least warhawk got a good score :)

resistance1004064d ago

Well they gave resistance a 7 and if heavenly sword is up with that, i won't complain.

Still HS has had good reviews, however its just knocked for its length. Still its not full 40quid over here, and most places are selling it for 30-35quid so its not that bad and if the demo is anything to go by i will be playing this over and over again

Loudninja4064d ago

Its nothing new at all.

Mars Attacker4064d ago

What a crappy lineup. I almost bought a PS3 a few months ago to go along with my 360, but there are simply no CURRENT PS3 games that I am interested in AT ALL. I don't play too many games so my lineup consists of Forza 2, Dirt, Bioshock, COD3 and Gears of War. I'll be buying PG4, Halo 3, COD4, Sega Rally and Stranglehold (for the 360) between now and Christmas.

This brings me to my point: If I owned a PS3, it would be nothing more than a Blu-Ray player at this point. The only PS3 exclusive games that I am interested in are GT5 and God of War 3. GT5 won't release until at least July 08 and I doubt GOW3 will be out until 2009.

Hindsight is 20/20... As a former PS2 fanboy, I never expected this to happen in a million years. My friends are all shocked at my change of heart, but software line-up is everything.

xg-ei8ht4064d ago

WTF, ps2 fanboy, yeah of course you was.


Gears of war is old news, unless you want the better version on PC.
COD4, Sega Rally and Stranglehold will be out on ps3.
Bioshock is also on pc.
Dirt is on pc and ps3(which by the way has the best version.)

I get your point, if thats what you want to play, enjoy it.

But to say, your not interested in heavenly sword,Warhawk(possibly the best multiplayer on any system) Or Lair, I find strange. But maybe thats just me.

If you were thinking of buying a ps3, then i'd really suggest having a go of the above titles.

You may just find one you'll really like:)

Mars Attacker4064d ago

>But to say, your not interested in heavenly sword,Warhawk
>(possibly the best multiplayer on any system) Or Lair,
> I find strange. But maybe thats just me.

Heavenly sword looks okay - I'll give you that. I don't play online games at all. Never played a single second online with my 360 and possibly never will, so Warhawk is of no interest. I'd rather have Ace Combat 6 than Warhawk any day. Lair was one of the games that first interested me in the PS3. The terrible reviews and terrible PS3 motion controller changed my mind on Lair.

I'll probably buy a PS3 before Christmas 2008. By then the price should be cut much lower and there will be a few good games. I have nothing against Sony. In fact there is at least $6000 of Sony A/V and computer equipment in my living room right now!

I play no favorites. I'd buy a console from the devil himself if it had the best game lineup.

Kaneda4063d ago

Ace combat 6 is nothing like warhawk...