Hopefully Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters looks this good

"The first video footage of Green Lantern the movie is in and PGN talks about the potential of what the 'Rise of the Manhunters' game may look like if done correctly."

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DonkeyKingKong332987d ago

If Green Lantern would be anywhere near as good as Dark Knight I'd be happy as can be!

WiiRemotes22987d ago

The recent Spider-Man "should" have been better but it was alright. Arkham Assylum is the best superhero game ever. Maybe Rise of the Manhunters and the next Superman game will be as good. One could at least hope.

CyberCam2987d ago

that was only a small part of the trailer. I was at a pre-screening of the new Harry Potter movie and that was the only trailer they showed. At first when I saw the beginning of the trailer I thought it was a Top Gun remake, because they show him ejecting from a fighter jet early in the trailer.

It look kinda cool... hopefully it's good.

GodzillaOwns2987d ago

This is probably the most badass looking movie of 2011. I hope the game turns out as cool as the trailer!

Sun_e2987d ago

This is suppose to be a great movie!

KristinsEpicYarn2987d ago

Well Ryan Reynolds does look the roll and the cgi work seems good overall so I hope your right!

ManfredLamchop2987d ago

The fact that the game does NOT tie into the movie means it will actually probably be a good game.

halojane92987d ago

Tie INS almost always suck but when separate they could each be good.

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