Tough Love for Nintendo

The Nintendo Wii is king of the world, but the world's changing, and Nintendo is about to fall dangerously behind.

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turok2984d ago

emough of the doom and gloom out of all the companies nintendo shud be the least worried. ye forget who owns the handheld market? that and nintendo is too big to fail which is where i am mostly basing this on.

rod_furlong2984d ago

I don't think 'too big to fail' counts for game companies, though. International banking conglomerates, yes.

Tolkoto2984d ago

Wasn't "to big to fail" a buzz phrase being thrown around a lot as a reason for the government throwing money at the auto companies? Not sure what that has to do with Nintendo.

schlanz2984d ago

is going to explode upon the market like no device we have ever seen.

Nintendo has made a killing already on the Wii and DS. They have plenty of money for R&D, market research, and all that. I highly doubt they will have a misstep for their next console.

Sadie21002984d ago

Yeah, I agree. I think they'll think this through. The author makes a good point about Nintendo's infrastructure, but they are so successful and cash-rich, I think they'll be OK for a while. That brand is powerful, too.

illegalyouth2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Online presence is the least of Nintendo's worries -- I think they may have painted themselves into the motion-controlled corner.

For their next console to be as successful as the Wii, they need to up the immersive-gaming factor. I'm not sure how they do that inexpensively, which is Nintendo's MO. Focusing on technologies like 3D or something similar to Kinect won't result in a $250 system with a pack-in game.

thecoffeemug2984d ago

Nintendo always seems to flip it around in the end. After the N64 and Gamecube, I am sure they have an ace or two up their sleeve, and that's not even including the 3DS, which ought to be as popular as everyone thinks it will.

acronkyoung2983d ago

Yeah, I agree. 3DS will dominate, and they've probably got even more tricks after that.