What if the PS3 Fails?

Industry analysts, forum posters and gaming fans in general have been quick to jump on Sony for pricing the PlayStation 3 at $500 and $600 for the respective packages. As GameDaily have stated in the past, the PS3 is a good price for what you're getting and a price that Sony is likely still losing a good deal of money at. However, GameDaily is not here to talk about the price of the PS3 and whether or not it's too high for average consumers; GameDaily is here to discuss what will happen to Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony if the PlayStation 3 fails in the marketplace.

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GamerX25385d ago (Edited 5385d ago )

"Sony putting so much money and faith into the PlayStation 3, a failure really isn't possible"....what???

Dick Jones5385d ago

But unfortunately Sony hasn't given us the Release date for the PS3 yet.

Ken Kutaragi5384d ago

Thats not a bad idea... um the PS3 will have an unlockable feature in which you will have a built in grill! You must however hand over to me the deed for your house to unlock it. Nothing new.

Shadow Flare5385d ago

Why why why everytime i submit an article, the xbox ultra nerds come flooding the comment secton before anyone else

The ps3 has alot going for it. And i respect sony (a company risking their own business on the ps3) for spending so much money and putting so much research into endevouring to make the ps3 the greatest console ever.

Whereas money-pots microsoft puts barely any effort into the 360 design. The 360 was designed with one aim, 'play it safe'. The xbox 360 is just an upgraded xbox. End of. And they saw how successful the ps2 was when they launched earlier than everyone else, so ms is employing exactly the same tactics with the 360. Its such a boring console. And the backwards compatibilty is BS, it uses dvd's, the decent games will only start coming this november, it has 'repair' issues, you have to pay for online...the 360 makes me ring with excitement

There's nothing the 360 can do that the ps3 can't do better


PS3 has Xbox 360 number, your right i could not have said it any better, the PS3 really will be the greatest console ever, when you put it in those words it really feels powerfull and as for the Xbox 360 yea it's just an upgrade on the Xbox, looks the same, plays the same, the launch proved that!

The BS Police5385d ago

Those issues you have listed are nothing compared to the crap your gonna be putting up with on the PS3.

Dick Jones5385d ago

Like how the PS3 is priced better than the 360 or how the PS3 has better force feedback in its controllers than the 360. Well when your right, your right.

Shadow Flare5384d ago

great D!ck, you listed 2. Is that it?

If you've got a point to prove, then list me more. Dont stop there

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E Man5385d ago

Thats why I like to call it xbox 1.5. My master K en Kutaragi said that and I follow with unwavering passion. Death to the xtrats. They should burn in hell for their heresy. I am a fanboy with no life and I go to a website called every minute and have a clever login name of stfu xbox u scared. I am so cool. Come Nov 17 my mom is going to by me Ps3 and I will have quality entertainment.

The BS Police5385d ago

You call us Heretics, funny, you guys outright bash the Xbox 360 and Halo for no apparent reason at all,thats heresy enough.

"Truth" sends his regards HERETIC!

subcell5385d ago

The PS3 will not sell because of blu-ray, at least ..not now!

Naughty Dog & Konami will save the Sony brand once again.

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