Sonic Colours outselling Sonic Free Riders in the UK

GamerZines writes: "Nintendo exclusive Sonic Colours is selling better than Kinect-only racer Sonic Free Riders according the latest UK charts.

Both hogs made it onto shelves last week with Sonic Free Riders getting a head start launching alongside Kinect two days ahead of Sonic Colours."

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ingiomar2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Sonic Free-Riders: Kinect, 1.3 million install base

Sonic Colours : DS 130 million,WII 70 million install base

WTF, is there to compare? of course it was gonna outsell it, this is just like that ''call of duty smashed halo in sales'' article.

Really you ppl should stop approving this crap

RageAgainstTheMShine2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

If this sells well ..... can't wait till it makes it on the PS Move : )

KratosGirI2983d ago

Why Move?

It's better with a Classic/GameCube controller!

Titanz2982d ago

-Off topic-

Your Move controller with the smiley face, was a better avatar.

pcz2982d ago

If people have been following this game then i think this game will do well, because the popular opinion is that it is a return to form for sonic. Hopefully the sales will reflect that.

Im waiting for it to be delivered, a bit pessimistic to be honest.. But who wouldn't be after a decade of poor sonic games :l

AWBrawler2982d ago

go go gadget Good sonic game!