GamingExaminer: Call of Duty Black Ops Review

Another year has come and gone, and that of course means that there is another Call Of Duty game, can Call Of Duty Black Ops stand in the shadows of the wildy popular and extremely successful Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

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SarahFox2986d ago

aww yeah Taylor is adorable, and the queen of COD as far as any girl i have ever met.

Hell-Helghast2986d ago

As of now this game to me is a 0/10 until they fix the lag and spawn systems on the ps3.

TooTall192986d ago

While they are at it how about they do something with the hit detection.

Panthers2986d ago

I wouldnt go that far, but then again I am not too concerned with the competitiveness of the online portion of the game. I play once in a while for fun online and it does get frustrating, but its still enjoyable.

I am liking the single player a lot right now.

irepbtown2986d ago

Oh my, Spawn system on PS3 is the worst. No doubt. And dont even go onto Nuketown.