Six Underwhelming Limited Editions

PSUni writes "Sometimes the extra goodies provided offered by limited editions are genuinely compelling and are worth at least a look, even by casual fans of a franchise or license.

Mostly, though, limited and collector’s editions are totally unnecessary. They’re usually a means to simply get some extra cash out of the hardcore by luring them with some extra knick-knacks that would be of zero use to anyone else. Because it’s more fun to think about things to make fun of, this is the angle we’re taking."

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Cajun Chicken2990d ago

Infamous Limited Edition, it had a slip on cardboard case, a tiny art book which was basically about 3 pages stapled together, was more of a leaflet and had an inlockable DLC power which was pretty useless, too slow to use in combat drains your power too fast and was made availble for free almost a year later.

Still, I did buy the LE cheaper than the normal retail version online and got it day of release, but still, it was a rather pathetic limited edition.