Spawn Kill Bullet Storm: Everything You Need to Know

Today we’re taking a look at all of the important information a good soldier such as yourself needs to know about Bulletstorm, the much anticipated game from the creative teams at Epic (Gears of War) and People Can Fly (Painkiller). The game features a storyline penned by Marvel Comics writer Rick Remender, with a pulp-influenced sci-fi style.

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tigresa2989d ago

This has just a teampile of awesome brewing something amazing waiting to happen. Story seems interesting so far too...

CrzyFooL2988d ago

The story - I've played Bulletstorm and it is fkn ROXORS. You're all like pew pew pew whip thingy ground slam pew pew exploding bolos pew pew 1000 point combo pew pew pew orgazms.

rrquinta2989d ago

Haven't really heard much about this game... will have to read up now!

Snarkasaur2989d ago

I just hope I can somehow kick a guy and have him explode, even if I have to invest skill points or something. It's always been my dream.

NecrumSlavery2988d ago

You can kick a guy, then shoot him in the balls, the kick him again, sending him into a giant venus flytrap. There's a lot of win with this game.

number472988d ago

This generation is stupid.

TheBand1t2988d ago

Yea, how dare he want to have fun with video games

TheLiztress2989d ago

This game is on my radar. I can't wait to see how great it is.

Drachaus2989d ago

@Tigresa- It comes from one of Cliffy B's right hand men, so you know it's going to be insane. I'm also really looking forward to it, and hopefully it's not a GoW clone.

@rrquinta- I definitely suggest you take a look, even if you're not a shooter fan!

@Snarkasaur- Sir, it has been a dream of mine as well. Let us hope the proper button press and whatever else is needed does indeed trigger an explosion kick.

@TheLiztress- Ditto. The potential for extreme awesome is there.

Thanks everyone for the input!

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The story is too old to be commented.