No LBP2 North American Collector's Edition until July

While the North American LBP2 Collector's Edition is far better, we might have to wait a bit.

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Nitrowolf22990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

BS why would they do something like that

@Below, true but that is nearly 6months. I have this pre-ordered and paid for already if this is true then i am gonna end up canceling just to get the standard edition, I can't wait 6 month while the game is already out.

scar202990d ago

They probably gonna add more stuff it never hurts.

-Alpha2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

It'd still complete BS. If they want to add more stuff they don't need to delay just the CE.

I have to wait until July to buy the special edition when the game comes out January? I want it ASAP, at launch, and I have the CE pre-ordered. This makes zero sense, and doubt Mm would do something like this.

The site lacks a source anyway, which makes this article inflammatory.

Nitrowolf22990d ago

exactly Alpha, and i to am wondering what "sources" they speak of. Thing is if the CE version is delayed then i see no reason why the normal version wouldn't be delayed either

D4RkNIKON2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Ok calm down people.. it's just a rumor..

Oh and big_silky... F*** off bro

DORMIN2989d ago

LOL Dumb rumor is dumb.

Why on earth would they do this?

-Alpha2989d ago

Just a rumor, but still dumb. If this is fabricated they obviously call it a rumor because that way they can get away with posting it.

Sorry, but this is nonsense, it makes no sense, report it.

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DigitalAnalog2989d ago


This is bullshit to the highest degree. No way should a collector's edtion be delayed 6 months after the release date. I'd bet this site just wanna stir up hits.

-End statement

TreMillz2989d ago

July?!...well thats my bday so whoe knows

big_silky2990d ago

is anything on ps3 not delayed?

the fanboys fought long and hard against the "delaystation" label but jesus christ at this point it's the truth. expect 3/4 of the 2011 line-up to be pushed to 2012 too.

Fat Bastard2989d ago

That takes some talent to get 0 agrees and so many disagrees. You must suck really hard

KwietStorm2989d ago

I got pissed when I had to wait extra long for Bioshock, Kane & Lynch, Too Human, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell Conviction, Huxley, and Gears 3. Wait wait wait, what's going on here..

The Matrix2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

That would be a travesty.

TheMART2990d ago

Lol no source

WHat a load of bullsh!t... Ofcourse they won't.

BrianC62342989d ago

This rumor makes no sense at all. I doubt its true. Why would Sony do that?

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The story is too old to be commented.