Xbox 360 celebrates 5th anniversary "Five years ago, in late November 2005, the Xbox 360 was officially released. During those years, Microsoft sold almost 45 million units worldwide of the game system."

Behind the link you can read the full history of the Xbox 360

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ThatArtGuy2990d ago

Telus TV is giving them away free if you join their service now. (MORE "SOLD" UNITS!!!)

big_silky2990d ago

happy b-day 360. we've had a love/hate relationship but you're my boy and i'll always be there for you.

Abu2990d ago

From underdog to over achiever in just 5 years. Everyone said that they couldn't beat the current console king. But where is Sony now?

scar202990d ago

I believe it's my room rite now xDDDDD.

ShinMaster2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

In 42+ million different homes.

Unfortunately, the only way for the Xbox to be ahead of PlayStation is by releasing ahead :P

Lord_Doggington2990d ago

@ scar20, nevermind, you suck and are not funny at

Theodore872990d ago

Mmmm like someone already pointed out, PS3 is on par with the 360 in term of sale number and it's been out for more than 1 year after the 360. That is, the PS3 has sold almost the same amount in less than 4 years vs 360's 5 years. So I don't really what you're so excited about.

Aloren2990d ago

That's easy to see though.

Let's say you played a basketball game and you lost 25 to 120.

And then, you play another game, and at half time, you're basically even with your adversary, the very same guys who destroyed you not so long ago. Maybe you'll end up losing by a few points in the end .... but still, what an impressive progression. I think that's reason enough to be excited.

120FPS2990d ago

And the Wii has been out for only 4 years but has sold as many as the 360 and the ps3 combined so what is your point??

Aloren2989d ago

The wii has a different public so what is your point. My point was MS has every reasons to be more than satisfied with this generation.

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Terror_B2990d ago


LOL @ Those guys above, their bums hurt, they hurt reeeaaalll bad.

cochise3132990d ago

it's sh!ting all over the 360 right now.

SoSLy2990d ago

I think theyre in Japan, making 100x the money you make in your lifetime.

OT: Good job to the 360 creating a presence in the gaming business.

256bit2990d ago

....nintendo is on top

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GeoramA2990d ago

It's definitely showing it's age.

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