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A new horrible Black Ops glitch

PSFocus writes: We all know it’s a good game, but Call of Duty: Black Ops also got some horrible glitches and now we can put a new one on the Black Ops glitches list. This shotgun glitch is very easy and you don’t need to reload your shotgun anymore, because the reload animation isn’t necessary at all.

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Community4994d ago
Shackdaddy8364995d ago

I mean, they found glitches within 24 hours of the game's release. Of course if they look harder they will find more. There will probably be more after this glitch.

bodybombs4994d ago

not to mention that soo many people bought this game, it would be even more surprising if they didnt find a lot of glitches. its just statistics.

8-bit4994d ago

If you having Black OPS problems, I feel bad for you son.. I got 99 problems but a glitch ain't one.

I opted not to buy this game and wait for KZ3. I rented it and had more fun playing the KZ beta.

frostypants4994d ago

I disagree with your post, but bubbles for the reference.

mikeslemonade4994d ago

I feel sorry for anyone who bought it. I'm renting it for a month and it's not being played. Playing my 2k11 still!

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TheLastGuardian4994d ago (Edited 4994d ago )

This is the worst Black Ops glitch I've had so far.

Black Ops should've been delayed. Activision released an Unfinished game and It sold 5.6 millions copies because It has the words Call Of Duty in the title *sigh* I knew I shouldn't have bought this game.

Cenobia4994d ago (Edited 4994d ago )

I have actually seen that popping in behind the game from time to time. It must be there for just a few frames, because I barely have time to see it. It is really weird and a little spooky to be feels like they're sending subliminal messages.

This is really the only glitch I have had any issues with, and I only remember it happening in the lobby.

JeffGUNZ4994d ago (Edited 4994d ago )

Funny, this has been in every call of duty since like COD4. It's just timing with the sprint button. Try it in MW2, it works too. This isn't really an advantage, if someone is reloading even slightly faster than average and you can't kill them in the reloading time you shouldn't be playing competitive multiplayer. Additionally, what about putting slight of hand on the weapon? Is that cheap now too?

SixZeroFour4994d ago

no because slight of hand takes up a perk, you with this you would basically have your perk in addition to a slight of hand knock off

DaddyPoppa4993d ago (Edited 4993d ago )

its called reload cancel, its a technique use by elite players ( or atleast halfway decent players) to half there reload time so they could get back into the action faster....not a glitch its a technique.... you can double tap triangle or (y if your on the 360) or knife (which i dont recomend) also to get the same effect.....God do i hate the noobs that populate this game that thinks everything is cheating or glitching if someone kills them in a different way than there use to....hence why they complained about quick scoping.....

please guys i know most of you guys really dont care about call of duty and i know most of you guys are probably going to jump shifts when kz3 comes out, so with that in mind just deal with the "glitchers" (and i put that in quotes) for now and not b!tch n whine to treyarch about it because you guys are really ruining the experience for the veterans of call of duty

Truth4993d ago

You've basically jutified my reasons for not buying Black Ops with that little "anti-noob" rant there. I'm guessing you still yell the words "BOOM HEADSHOT!" and/or "owned!" as you froth at the mouth into your headset. Good stuff.

Anywho, my love for the Call of Duty series started on the PC with the original. This is where I played competitively with a few clans on tournament ladders. Fast forward to modern warfare and I fell in love again. This is untill part duex and in come the people shouting only the best "elite" or talented use these exploits, or quick scoping is a legitimate strategy. No. It's tricking the games built in retarded ( imo ) auto aim to help you seem better than you actually are. And no, reload cancel is not a technique, it's you trying to find any way to get a one up to hide your inadequate skills. But hey, this is why I prefer the more methodical, tactical, team based, nearly glitch free, Battlefield series. I guess I like using those things called actual skills without having to use some cheap tactic/exploit to win. I digress.

ofx3604993d ago

"Reload canceling" or whatever the f*ck people call it, has been in the game since Cod4. Thats fact and its been purposefully left in for vet players since then.

DaddyPoppa4993d ago

lol im glad you didn't buy cod bo, and reload cancel is hardly an exploit....all it does is allow to reload .5 seconds faster than usual...and it pretty much only used if you getting shot at in the middle of your reload. soo by your definition a skilled player would allow himself to get killed in an ambush while hes reloading rather than double tapping triangle then quickly reseting his fingers on the trigger buttons in a small chance that he might come out alive? i really dont see the skill in accepting your death.....

ps: who the hell says BOOM headshot besides FPS DOUG anymore???????

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BabyTownFrolics4994d ago

its easy to fall back on this topic

Simco8764994d ago

When the patch comes out for all systems it will be a good day for Black Ops.

Hopefully they will keep patching this game, but not nerf anything... too much to ask?

Cenobia4994d ago

They need to nerf the RC car. It comes out way too often. Make it a 4 kill streak or really anything to reduce the amount of them that drive around. Or even just stop the RC car when the driver is killed.

I just hate hearing them drive always sounds like they're right next to me.

lucifon4994d ago

They don't actually bother me too much but I fully agree they should be 4. I thought that from the very first time I saw that they were for 3. The problem is when hardline users get it after only 2 kills, making it far too common.

frostypants4994d ago

Agreed. The RC car is fact hearing it driving around can scare me sh**less in a good way...but yeah, definitely needs to be a 4-kill item.

And YES, it's ridiculous that it doesn't just blow up when the driver is killed. Very cheap. Finding a safe place to use a killstreak is part of the challenge.

hiredhelp4994d ago

Sorry guys off topic here but need to get the message across for all ps3 owners.

not long ago a article with youtube stated a tempoary fix for lag on the ps3 call of duty black op's on the playstation 3.


1 create a new account with no freinds or maybe just 2 or maybe 3

2 launch the game making sure your team mates are on the same region as you. america or UK only as this can cause disconnections if this is set to local only. if not open it up.

3 by doing this you will reduce the lag by ALOT. this fix stops the servers from searching threw your freinds list constantly even thoes who dont play the game.

on bad note it does mean you loose everything start again. but its tempoary for now.

crazyclown4994d ago (Edited 4994d ago )

waste of time...they will fix it within 7 days so whats the point. Every online game that is popular has such problems! Its just a matter of time