Player Affinity: Kinect Adventures Review

Myself, Jay Malone, said: "Have you ever wanted to be the controller? Be able to use your body to control what is actually happening on screen? You can now finally do that with Kinect. And more than likely, the first game you play will be Kinect Adventures. Is Kinect Adventures just another lousy pack in game or is it the Kinect game to have?"

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Invadersims2983d ago

Unfortunately I saw this coming, it just didn't seem like this game was going to go anywhere.

D4RkNIKON2983d ago

The future of gaming must be going down the toilet lol

RobertMF2983d ago

Well, the fact that the pack-in at least proved that Kinect can work is something. Probably not a lot of comfort to those who spent $150 on it, though.