PS3's Move 'Greatly Exceeded Expectations,' says Sony

The focus in the media in recent weeks may be on Microsoft's Kinect camera, but in the meantime, Sony's PlayStation Move controller continues to do well, according to Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA). Although there hasn't been an update on actual sales data since it was revealed that 1 million were sold in North America and Latin America and 1.5 million were sold across Europe, Sony maintains that consumer response continues to be good.

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TheBlackSmoke2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

you mad bro?

edit: here, I found some data

2987d ago
Moonboots2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Wow, that picture is stretching the truth.

Kevin ButIer2987d ago

Just waiting for the Gears 3 > Everything... comment

Boody-Bandit2987d ago

*pssst... come over here*
We didn't have to shell out a half of billion dollars to market it and sell out to celebs to endorse it. Oh and btw, it works for all games, not just shovel ware.

hay2987d ago

@Brutallyhonest: How dare ye callin' Teh Oprah Show a shovelware! Better prepare for angry moms mob!

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zootang2987d ago

Well at least they haven't started at -$500 million. That's a lot of money to recoup don't you think?

jneul2987d ago

lolz throwing money at things does not work forever, ms have not learnt this yet unfortunately which is why we keep on getting rubbish shoved in our faces like vista, kin and kinect

number472987d ago

Well so far, its sold more than Kinect.

PoorMansGT2987d ago

kinect is quickly approaching move sales,move sold poor in the u.s.

TheBlackSmoke2987d ago

1.Move is a peripheral not a game.

2.Kinect is the 360's whole future on the line.

3.500 million dollars in marketing says no shit sherlock.

zootang2987d ago

You would think so. I wonder what Move sales would have been like if it was on Oprah, Ellen and every other show going.


World Wide > US.

According to KatStacks

US > World Wide.

jib2987d ago

shouldn't it sell more? its cheaper

ComboBreaker2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

be around 3 to 3.5 million by now.

silvacrest2987d ago

being cheaper + almost no ads


being more expensive + having loads of ads

niceguywii602987d ago

Catching up fast for releasing 2 months after Move.

Boody-Bandit2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Ignorance like this is mind boggling and is really sad at the same time. Why is it some people just don't get it?

Oh and BTW lames, this device is NOT for you.
Yeah some of you will get it to stay part of the herd but most wont. Keep on pounding your chest while they keep shoveling money into a device for soccer moms and little Susie next door.

Sony is giving their user base an option. An option that works with their exclusives. When your over priced webcam works with your exclusives or any complex game not on rails, come back and puff out your chest. It will never happen. At least not as a stand alone device.

onanie2987d ago

Yet, Kinect is still behind.

Perhaps you could try to find evidence to suggest otherwise (i might even accept vgchartz), but until then, Kinect is still in last place, despite its half a billion dollar campaign.

Sez 2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

So why hasn't Sony announced what move actually sold thru. Because the move isn't selling as well as Sony thought it would. After two month you would think Sony had some numbers to report. All we know is Sony shipped 2.5 million moves to retail stores WW. But how many of those actually sold to consumers. "Exceeded Expectations,' says Sony" yet still no update on how many actually sold. Guess people aren't falling for the wii-mote clone

Edit: you should be able to provide a link of how many Sony actually sold to consumer and not to retailers.

ComboBreaker2985d ago

I would provide you with many many links. But I am too lazy. Go do your own homework dude and stop begging others to do it for you.

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jony_dols2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

The Move will most likely sell a lot less than the Kinect in the end.

However I have no doubt that the Move will be far more profitable.

When a console peripheral has a advertising budget of 500 million, and that doesn't include the R&D, administration and then the actual mass production costs, it is incredebley difficult to recoup those massive figures, with anything less than colossal sales of the product......

Sonys investment is far more sensible, considering the PS3's core audience is 20 and thirty somethings, who would be less atracted to what the Kinect offers.

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FOXDIE2987d ago

Grenadan got ownd by TheBlackSmoke!

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donniebaseball2987d ago

Look, odds are it won't sell as big as Kinect but it doesn't have to in order to be successful for Sony. And they don't have $500 million like MS to pump into marketing.

zireno2987d ago

I'm sure they have more than $500 million, they just use it more wisely instead of marketing one product or getting time exclusive content and stuff like that.

2987d ago
shoddy2987d ago

They just say if you want quality then go and buy thier products.

wat6342987d ago

MS didnt force me to buy kinect.

cochise3132987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

You buy anything MS releases. You troll these boards harder than any other MS supporter.

ComboBreaker2987d ago

Except Microsoft secretly forced you to buy Kinect.

jneul2987d ago

@wat634 no ms simply brainwashed you by making kinect look popular hence all the celeb bribes and lets not forget the shows like Oprah etc, never did i see sony pulling on this in fat i saw the move even before it had a name and only got interested in it when i first saw it and saw what it could do, then when i had hands on with it at a beta i was so in love because it worked just exactly the way they said it would

Boody-Bandit2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Key word here "YET"
Who is to say MS isn't already working with their exclusive devs, all 2 or 3 of them, to implement Kinect to work as a secondary device with complex games? In such a way that their consumers will need to purchase Kinect to get the most out of those games.

I honestly think MS is already looking into this very thing as I type this. I hope they do. That way I can move on to another console and stick up the middle finger to MS. I am already on the fence to do so for them spending so much time and money on Kinect.

That money could have been better spent on games for their core audience instead of trying to chase down and cash in on the Wii's success. Soccer moms and little Susie next door.

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metsgaming2987d ago

move may not sell as many during the holidays but after that i bet kinect will die out while the move keeps selling at a good rate.

silvacrest2987d ago

also consider that the 500 million has to be recouped

and only MS know what other costs kinect incurred before it was even available for sale, i wouldn't be surprised if it was close to a billion if not more

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Balt 2987d ago

I just wish they had stronger software for it. I love HVB, Planet Mini Golf, Tumble, The Shoot and Fight but none of them really embody what Move is or could be.

The fight is an amazingly underrated game, though. I had a blast playing it last night and couldn't understand why people can't get the hang of it. It's good. Damn good. But Heavy Rain & Resident Evil 5 both feel very tacked on and weighty. Not worth it.

I liked Heavy Rain best with a Dualshock and walking with the shoulder buttons. It just works better. Anyways, great potential -- Let's just see some better software. Sports Champions just isn't cutting it for me.

saint_john_paul_ii2987d ago

Heavy rain was just built for the Dualshock in Mind.

later on, the game will be better fit for Move.

fei-hung2987d ago

nope, heavy rain was built with the move in mind. havent u guys seen the behind the scene developer video? in fact ana article which covered it was just posted a few days ago.

AceofStaves2987d ago

I haven't picked up Move yet. I'm waiting until the software justifies the purchase for me, especially with the Christmas Season coming up and money being tight.

I'm really looking forward to using it with LBP2 and Sorcery.

morganfell2987d ago

I have to agree about The Fight. When I first purchased it and started to play I thought some of the negative reviews might have a point.

But then you realize your fighter is intentionally slow and first. As you begin to level up, improve your skills and train Train TRAIN you become an accurate lethal machine.

I have to wonder how many saps that wrote reviews did not realize this and did not reach a more lethal stage. Rather than muscle opponents I chose speed and skill attributes when I built my fighter at the start of the game and followed though as I leveled up. Very much a fighting RPG.

You can literally pick and opponent apart with precision shots and then dodge, block, and move away. My second unlock was the elbow. Tony Jaa would love it.

donniebaseball2987d ago

Yeah, Sony definitely needs to bring out some more software for the core that will better leverage Move

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FAGOL2987d ago

Good now invest the money into other projects.

Omega42987d ago

By looking at retail charts it seems like sales are starting to drop quite sharply, the Move controller isn't even ranking in Amazons top 100 any more since Kinect launched.

I think the initial sales were only from hardcore current owners.

donniebaseball2987d ago

We'll see how it looks after Black Friday. I think they can have a solid holiday still

showtimefolks2987d ago

but move is a seller in WW not in the US here in the states soccer moms/gamers like you

will fall for their 500million advertisement. and how many usints will MS have to sell just to make that back before we talk about any profits

end of the day both move/natal are not for me i like my dual shock/xbox360 controller that's teh way i like to game

Lionhead2987d ago

lol Omega moving from praising Kinect to the high heavens to subtlety trolling Move.

jack_burt0n2987d ago

dont talk misinformation, its been sold out at amazon for weeks, all uk retailers are saying they are very surprised about consistent high demand.

cochise3132987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Look at the move price on amazon, that's the reason it's not selling there. Everyone selling it is tryin to price gouge. Charging 70 damn dollars. But move contiunes to sell out in stores. I went to best buy the other day and there were still plenty kinects left.

diehardgamer2987d ago

shut tha fuck up,its not even the holiday season yet.the thing is considering tht sony ddnt put much into this controller its much more profitable for them n they cn concentrate their finances on games n stuff.its gonna b much more difficult for M$ to recoup the 500 mil but not impossible

Dark_king2987d ago

Sony put alot into the Move.Just think its been worked on for almost ten years.Time is money as the saying goes.

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