TGZ Review Warhawk - 8.9

"If you own a PS3 or are considering buying one, you'll be doing yourself a disservice if you skip Warhawk."

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Bigmac5734063d ago

Look at the last sentence of the review. He didn't just make it up.

Kleptic4063d ago

In less than a week the ranked servers are nearly always full already...and it seems to be sold out nearly everywhere...

I love this game, but really hope the ranking bugs get worked out soon...the ranked servers have a rank limit...and I am already too high to play in most of them, but not because I actually earned the rank...stat wise I should be much like 2 ranks lower, but the glitch that makes people rank up for no reason is still running pretty wild...

the ranks are way better than in the beta (obviously), but I hope they fix it soon by either resetting the ranks altogether, or something that makes everything work properly...I am sure they will, Resistance had a few kinks to work out early on also...

Fisher3394063d ago

When you get certain badges it will rank you up, weither you have the required points or not.