Microsoft Says 1 Million Kinect Devices Sold so Far

Microsoft said on Monday it has sold more than 1 million of its new hands-free Kinect gaming systems in the first 10 days since launch, putting it on track to beat its target of 5 million sales by the end of the year.

"It's a strong start," said Don Mattrick, head of Microsoft's game unit, in a telephone interview on Monday. "Consumers are loving it."

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Omega42987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Very impressive indeed, I wonder if he's just referring to the US only though or EU too.

If it keeps up these sales it my actually surpass 5ml by the end of the year.

A PS3 fanboy's opinion on Kinect mean nothing. Everyone who actually has it loves it, you can tell by the responses on this very site. Don't hate on it till you've tried it.

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number472987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Everyone knows if it sold more than Sony, they would be the first to announce it. This is hilarious..

So as far as we know since MS is being silent about them, are comparable to Move. Yes or No guys? Yes or No.

Think its time to commend sony on their Move sales, considering they did it without Justin Beiber.


I was going to respond, but after seeing some guy wrote sony spent 4 BILLION on move.. Whats the point? Honest to god you guys are literally making stuff up at this point. 4 BILLION?!?!

Good to see that the sales are comparable, until we get larger #'s from Kinect.

Zir02987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Wow the spin has already begun lol.

Move took a month to reach 1ml in just the US lol.

Lightsaber2987d ago

It took the move like 2 months to reach what kinect did in 10 daysand 500 million is far less the 4 billion that sony been spending on move

thehitman2987d ago

I believe these are total sales worldwide which is definelty less than what move did.

GrandTheftZamboni2987d ago

1 million. Wow, that's 150 mil revenue. I guess MS can write off 500 mil marketing dollars to Windows division, since that's where the money comes from. Gotta keep the gaming division profitable.

Nitrowolf22987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )



dude no way in hell did Sony spend remotely close to that, hell not even 500Million

They did not make 150Million, $150 is not the price that is sold to retailers, other wise how else would they make money off gaming if the iten they get is sold to them at the same price that they will sell it?

@ Disagree

Please supply a link to prove other wise

I also LOL at all the 360 fanboy who said it would do over 2 million it first week, specially GigaWare

Computersaysno2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

1m sales in ten days. 46 days until the end of the year. So in order to break 5m sales by the end of this year, kinect must sell about 87k a day. 870k every ten days. Or about 600k a week every week until the end of the year. unsure if kinect can manage this. That means sustaining only slightly lower than launch week numbers with all those pre-orders!

I honestly do not believe that after the black friday retail rush this will be possible, or even the week after christmas day which is usually a lot quieter for game sales. Do you? Thoughts please.

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Zir02987d ago

Sales of everything usually double or triple during the days up to xmas so it should easily be able to reach that target.

Sez 2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

It just released in EU on the 10th and it hasn't released in japan. So no it's not WW since the 10 days there talking about is US.

For the idiot that disagree Read the article.

"More than 30,000 U.S. stores are selling Kinect in the United States, including branches of Wal-Mart, Target, GameStop and online at It went on sale on Nov. 10 in Europe and is due to go on sale in Asia on Nov. 18."

Now how could it be out for 10 days in EU if it just released on the 10th and it hasn't been released in japan yet. So my next question is how is this WW sales?

randomwiz2987d ago

Kinect, ps3, 360 are all sold to retailers at a price VERY close to the retail price. This is why you almost never see any retailer having a sale for $50 off on 360, unless they get something in return from microsoft, or they bundle it with something they can take a hit on(like tvs)

That being said, Microsoft made nowhere near $150 million. The cost of the parts of Kinect is $56, which may not seem like much, but when you factor in labor, and the cost of the software, it ends up being a lot.

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Cold 20002987d ago

So now Sony fanboys considering Sony's shipped Move numbers as sold.

Kind of funny they arent so "tolerant" when it comes to 360 sales.

Dont even need to tell me why.

Zir02987d ago

You do realise Kinect is soldout in Amazon UK right? Both the hardware bundle and the standalone......

evrfighter2987d ago

I see that pic and think this

BillOreilly2987d ago

Well kinect is selling more faster. It will be the next big thing. I personally think it deserves it. Its cool, innovative, and the games are just plain fun. Im very optimistic with so many exlusives coming next year. Seems like every dev likes it and wants to make a game for it. They acually look interesting and hell it got us a new steel batallion/panzer dragoon=WIN.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2987d ago

A million sold so far? Just in the US? Or is that world wide because if it's world wide then that's just sad.

Death24942987d ago

how much spin you put on this, it will only equal fail. I guess Microsoft should have stuck with VGChartz numbers instead. I guess it wasn't the "game-changer" Microsoft was hyping this up to be. What happened to all of those monster pre-orders?

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3XP2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Well Said...Nuff Said.

@Morganfell, dude you are always trying to act as if you have something to teach, you are just another soap boxing PS3 Elitest Fanboy So STFU.

Demand and short supply goes hand in hand. It's the demand that creates the short supply to start with. If no one wanted the product, then I guess supply would be short now would it. Or was that your lame ass way of saying MS shorted the supply lines on purpose. Which is about as dumb as most of your blind fanboy followers.

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Nitrowolf22987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

I can't find the budget sheet where it shows 500Mill for window 7 and 500Mill for Kinect but here is a New York Post

oohWii2986d ago

"Backed by a half-billion-dollar budget, the tech giant is rolling out a major movie-style marketing blitz aimed at driving its motion-sensing device to the top of holiday wish lists."

Nice find, however this doesn't actually state that MS set aside 500M for kinect alone. This could be the budget for the entire gaming division.

The gas I plan on spending on my car this year is backed by my budget. But so is my electricity, entertainment, and other bills.

I'm not saying that MS didn't spend 500M, I'm just saying that this article doesn't exactly spell it out either. It leaves lots of room for interpretation and there's no doubt the haters with take their angle while the lovers will take theirs.

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SuperKing2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Is that it? The way it was hyped I was expecting 3 million at day 1, but they could only manage to push out 1 million and took almost 2 weeks to do it. And NA is their strongest region....

Quite amazing that no Xbox fanboy is questioning whether if it's sold or shipped units, something they almost cried about when they heard Move numbers Worldwide.

Edit: below

Lol, do you even know how much billions were invested in the the original xbox and then quickly scrapped. Hell even the RROD cost them billions. Their xbox division haven't even recouped these losses, and they just dumped another 500 million just to sell a camera that barely works.

Fun times for M$ ahead.

captainjy2987d ago

In the red...uh, Sony is still limping along after the BD fiasco. 1 million in 11 days is very impressive. Expect over 2.5 million by end of year. NICE!

ct032987d ago

Microsoft's analysts expect 5 million until December 31, and you expect 3 million on the first day...

gamingdroid2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Even a NEW console release doesn't push 3 million on day 1!

Talk about setting lofty expecations!

Those Kinect numbers are extremely healthy for basically one region, since the UK/Europe has only had 4-5 days of sale while the US has had 10 days. It isn't even clear if Europe is even included in that 1 million units sold.

Kinect sales are pretty clear cut as there is no hiding behind unspecific "units". Each and every Kinect unit sold is an additional customer.

PS360PCROCKS2987d ago

I tried it at wal mart and it could have been in need of a recalibration but it was awful and very laggy and not very fun.

captainjy2987d ago

BS. It's very accurate and plays extremely well.

captainjy2987d ago

Lies! It's very accurate and plays extremely well.

captainjy2987d ago

BS. It's very accurate and plays extremely well.

VenomProject2987d ago

Okay, Jesus.

Shut up already.

Jazz41082987d ago

I don't know a single walmart in my area that has it out to play with.

karl2987d ago

kinect games are very simple..

thats why it gets boring so fast..

the lag plays a part on it to but thats not the mayor problem for me

PS360PCROCKS2987d ago

believe it or not lol wal-mart was the only store that had it. Went to 2 best buys and they didn't have it.

oohWii2986d ago

I tried it this past weekend at a military exchange store and it was very non-responsive and laggy also.

However, when I went there again during my lunch break I tried it again and it was perfect not laggy and very responsive.

The clerk told me that they didn't realize that it had to be calibrated until some customer told them the day before, so they calibrated it and now it works great.

This is a classic example how untrained people can hurt a product. They put it on the floor, didn't read anything or follow any prompts (just click through them) and the product didn't perform right.

Kinect works great, I tried it for myself when it was set up properly and there is not doubt this thing is nice. Very nice.

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Graey2987d ago

Personally man I don't have one so let me get that out of the way.

I would say this. If your looking to get one, at the very least wait 2-3 months before doing so. I think the hype and hating needs to die down. I can't logically support this thing, because I know it's no good. That is entirely my opinion, but if you have to get one. Just wait like 2 months or so.

Give people time to test it out, post and tweak it for you so you don't have to go through all that rubbish.

I can see loyalty to the console, however on this one MS wont hold to their end of the bargain.

Not a fanboy I own both systems I'm just seeing what these guys are going to do. Again by its nature Kinect is a destroyer of itself. Remember this.

acere2987d ago

YEA but is not doing w!! numbers.

showtimefolks2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

move sold 1.5 million ww at launch and 300k in teh states that means move sold better without spending 500million on advertisement

omega4 are you aight man you seem like someone who would kiss MS balls and than on top pay them for what you need to buy grow some balls oh well

fanboys on both sides ps3/xbox360 give me a break just enjoy gaming none of us get paid to play the game we pay them instead and on top of that go to war for them

peace out keep gaming alive kill the fanboys or atleast all the fanboys should turn into zombies lol

The real killer2987d ago

Why are you not reported for trolling? with so many disagrees for you and still not reported for trolling, this is why you good in it.

stuna12987d ago

You were just in another article stating how VGCrap had seriously undertracked the sells of kinects! What was it 1.3 million? But here you are now, as expected! Sipping what you regurgitated back up through a straw!
Have you ever heard the saying, "It is better for someone to think you are a fool, then too open your mouth and remove all doubt"?

Neko_Mega2987d ago

You won't be able to reply to this but I'll say it anyways.

Microsoft has already said don't trust any numbers in less it is from NDP or what ever it is. With that said, PlayStation Move has already sold that many and if you watch the video, he does say Kinect is about as good as the Wii but with no controller.

He even said it is as good as Playstation Move, but no matter what, both are fun and only one really works for any type of games.

Amphion2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

I don't consider myself a fanboy (unless we're talking about MGS and Half-LIfe) and I don't own a Kinect nor Move, but this needs to be said: those sales are NOT impressive at all!

PS Move sold 2.5 million units within the first 30 days with 1/10 the advertising dollars that Kinect enjoyed. Microsoft spend $500 million on Kinect's advertising and only sold 1 mill in 10 days? There must be a lot of laughter going on at Sony's headquarters right about now.

Unless a miracle happens, there is no way Kinect's sales will match Move's 2.5 mill in 30 days. It's just not possible considering that the interest for Kinect is low at best in EU and non-existent in JP. US alone cannot carry it.

Opra, Jimmy Fallon and $500 million worth of ads are all wasted on a (soon to be) dead tech.

mynd2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Sony stated they SHIPPED 2.5 million units.
Treeton is on VIDEO saying that they have bought over 1 million units in to the states for the Xmas season.

Sony has never said they have SOLD any move numbers, just "SHIPPED".

"The good news is we've bought over 1 million units to market, the bad news is its selling out very quickly."

So even at that date he hadnt gone through that 1 million units, well after your supposed 30 days.

Dorwrath2987d ago

Move might have sold 2.5 milion units, but there are people that bought multiple move controllers etc.

As one customer will buy one kinect unit, one move customer may buy 1,2,3 or even four move controllers.

showtimefolks2987d ago

and your point being?

if i buy one or 10 sony gets the money right so who cares who buys what and how many end of the day SOLD is the key word

SixZeroFour2987d ago

how about a little research on the release dates

kinect was release on Nov 4th in NA, it released on Nov 10th in europe and its GOING TO BE RELEASED (future tense) on nov 18th in asia, nov 20th in japan

so that 1 mil was from NA and 5 days in europe

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Amphion2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

double post...ignore

shadyiswin2986d ago

are you mentally challanged? and where did get 2.5 million from in 30 days? lol they're not at 2.5 million now let alone 30 has no numbers on move. I mean they do but im sure there're way lower than 2.5 mill,not to mention there count cameras and controllers,1 carmera and 2 move controllers = 3 sales?

If move is selling so well why aren't any of the games on software charts? not in japan,not anywhere, Kinect sports will easily pass sport champions before december and that's a pack in game lol,move fails...well it works good,but know one cares.

RememberThe3572987d ago

It looks like both Move and Kinect are doing very well.

I'm still more interested in you guys fighting over sales then the hardware, but it's good to see.

I guess I'm supposed to hate on one or the other but I think Move is pretty cool and I'm tired of talking shit about Kinect. I just want to see what these new controllers will bring the hardcore gamer.

gapecanpie2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

These aren't worldwide numbers so considering that, I say MS did pretty good just for the NA so far. But one thing for sure PS Move really didn't Move any PS3 systems it seem like people who already own a PS3 is buying Move. I wonder how many Kinect/Xbox360 bundles was sold.

Immortal3212987d ago

have bought his controllers-less crap

8thnightvolley2987d ago

fannies are not gonna like this.. lool kinect 11 days 1 mill plus wow at that price.?! lool

Anon19742987d ago

You can't trust anything VGChartz says. Again, busted overestimating 360 related numbers by about 30%. No wonder Microsoft themselves issued not one, but two statements saying not to trust VGChartz. You think everyone would have caught on by now, but still VGChartz's grossly inaccurate "estimates" are spamming up N4G.

Now the question with Kinect is will it have any staying power now that the early adopters are out of the way.

hudsoniscool2987d ago

actually no. microsoft has reported those numbers are sold to consumers and they said more then 1 million, so it could have been 1,000,001-1,999,999 so for all we no vgchartz estimate of 1.3 million was spot on.

yourfather2987d ago
Microsoft clarified to IGN saying the reported Kinect sales are sold-through to customers.

2987d ago
mcstorm2986d ago

I would of expected Move to of Out sold Kinect at this point as Move has been out for 2 months and you need more than one move for more than one player.

I would love to know how you can compare the numbers for the two devices when you need more than one of the other devices to play games.

How many of you just bought 1 move controller? If you look at it like that at lest 60% of the people who picked up move picked up more than one controller so should the sales may be higher(which they should be as its been out longer) but its not in as many houses as Kinect is in at this moment in time.

Im glad Move and Kinect are selling well though as we need MS Sony and Nintendo to keep pushing each other.

Jaces2986d ago

Sold 1 million to retailers? Thought that didn't count as sales?

EVILDEAD3602986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Do only negative Kinect fan blogger articles get degrees around here?

So Kinect the peripheral that EVERYONE said was too expensive to sell does a Milli in a week and a half..and that is only the early adopters

I've said this all along..

It really doesn't matter..Kinect will sell out of it's remaining stock by the weekend of Black Friday

The demand will be there for product heavy in December..the stand-alone will become scarce..which will leave the bundles on the THAT is when Kinect effect will push hardware..

People are pretending thart 3 million is such a big number..a few years ago Microsft did 6 million in the fourth quarter...this year the 360 is poised to do it's best numbers in the history of the console

The launch was the hardest it's simply all about momentum..and Kinect clearly has it..


Mizz_mai2986d ago

figure's-wise that isn't good,we all know what they spent on marketing(which is the advantage of not actually developing MS),it's a shame because recently i thought to myself it's not so high priced after all.

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Grenadan2987d ago

kinect is only out few days

Moentjers2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

won't have sold much in Europe, except maybe in the 51st state.

edit: "Microsoft Corp. today announced it has sold 1 million Kinect for Xbox 360 units worldwide in 10 days"

I'm not impressed but the shopping days have yet to come.

Balt 2987d ago

What is Move at at this point and time? It's been out 2 months now. I got it day and date and haven't played but a handful of times with it. Last night I got into my 1st real session as I played

High Velocity Bowling (absolute blast)
Planet Mini Golf (loved it)
Heavy Rain (sloppy with move)
Tumble (reminds me of Jinga)
The Fight (way underrated gem)
The Shoot (arcade memories abound)

& some demos here and there.

Sheikh Yerbouti2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Move is likely still ahead thanks to Europe, and may be closer to 5 million already than we realize, but it won't sell as strong as Kinect during Christmas.

Heavy Rain and Move is excellent - it is probably more intuitive than you are thinking.


I had problems getting a response, like when swordfighting with Jason and the other boy. Then I said, just do what is natural, and it was simple as that.

Balt 2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

My problems with Heavy Rain are this

1. I felt the walking was best when chained to the shoulder buttons of a controller. Had they made that applicable with the nav-controller, I'd be more immersed with it.

2. Some of the gestures they ask you to do with the wand is very foreign. And it should be, it's a new device. we simply haven't had much time to get to know it like we have the DS3. I mean, some of these gestures are out of left field and they don't tell you exactly what an arrow towards you and a dot really means.

For the longest time last night I was just holding the trigger button and waving it around in hopes I'd trigger the right motion to access the next command. That shouldn't happen.

but things did get better the further I got into the game. I got my ass handed to me in the one on one Shelby fight and stopped when we get to Norman's scene. I'll probably pick it back up tonight and see just how cozy I can get to the move and it.

Edit for Graey

Yes, Mini Golf is great with move. I won't go back to the controller now. No way. People just didn't realize you swing side to side as if you're in front of the ball and not ontop of it. It's fantastic.

HVB can be bought on the network for like 10 bucks these days. I got every piece of DLC for it over the years and have played it since day one. It's probably my favorite PSN game I think. Move only makes it better.

raztad2987d ago

Your comment is reply worthy as you mentioned something important.


Continental EU is becoming more and more PS3 dominated (that's the only way to explain PS3 WW sales), and on top of that Oprah and NA celebrities got nothing on the EU consumer. I dont see Kinects selling that good in EU.

Moentjers2987d ago

Try Sports Champions. Very precise, table tennis is my favorite...

Graey2987d ago

hey that bowling game...can you get that on PSN?
and your saying the mini golf one is worth it with it 2 player?

EVILDEAD3602986d ago

LMAO @ none of those games coming close to Sports Champions.

Hands down the best launch game on the Move..

Just wish the rest of the games were as good..


DeepInterludium2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

So they must have had to ship a bunch of units to Europe seeing as they're trying to use world wide numbers.

Oh what's that, no mention that these are world wide numbers hmm?
( is a joint venture of Microsoft and NBC Universal.)

I see it now

REDMOND, Wash. — Nov. 15, 2010 — Microsoft Corp. today announced it has sold 1 million Kinect for Xbox 360 units worldwide.

Can't keep up with VGChartz expectations. And Greenberg was laughing at them lol.