Rumor: Gears of War Coming to Kinect

Though Kinect has been a big success for Microsoft since debuting on November 4, many hardcore gamers have turned up their noses to the innovative camera controller because they think it's just an enabler for minigame collections, casual fare, and rhythm stuff. If you go by the launch library, well, they have a point. But a reliable source tells IGN that's all about to change.

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Shok2989d ago


That is all I have to say.

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Shok2989d ago


Too bad you don't see PS3 fanboys bragging about SOCOM. So you insulting it doesn't mean much when we all know that the PS3's flagship 3rd-person shooter is Uncharted 2


Nah, even I have to say that Gears is better than SOCOM. But like you said, the PS2 ones are better, but if we're talking about Confrontation then....

Spartanv072989d ago

i see people putting socom on their 2011 list all the time actually. also uncharted copied gears even with changing weapons with the dpad.

TreMillz2989d ago

or did you forget to switch to your kat stacks account because clearly we were referring to that person, so to respond to me saying "you" meant

Panthers2989d ago

LOL at Socom copying GeOW. I believe other games had cover systems before GeOW. Not to mention the terrible over the shoulder view that GeOW has, how the character takes up half the screen.

Socom Confrontation, once it was fixed, was way better than GeOW.

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Cevapi882989d ago

ever wonder what the bottom of Marcus' shoe looks like....well BAM!!!....coming in 2011

NYC_Gamer2989d ago

how would they even make this happen?

Grenadan2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

some sort of hybrid

GamerSciz2989d ago

I mean Kinect will not work with FPS considering the pinpoint accuracy and fast reaction time needed. Granted Gears is a TPS but even still a shooter in general will not work with Kinect.

number472989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Oh so camera.. plus controller...


double lol from omega:

"Interesting, will obviously be a hybrid kinect/controller game.

If this is true Kinect is really starting to get a very robust hardcore lineup. "

so thats just like....

u guys just are running in circles..

EVERYONE: Kinect games need controllers to do anything worthwhile.
360Fans: NO IDIOTS, YOU ARE THE CONTROLLER!!!!!!!!!!! Thats why its INNOVATIVE.
MS: Ok we need controllers
360Fans: Oooo Great, Kinect/"hybrid" games... lol (quadruple lol's at "HYBRID") You mean like Wii/Move.

So everyone would be excited about Kinect if at E3 they showed off Headtracking and gestures with a webcam & controller integration right??? This is unreal at this point.

Below -- Thank you.

seinfan2989d ago

How many times does this have to be driven into your skulls? The majority of 360 fans don't give two shits about kinect.

V0LT2989d ago

Exactly. This is why I refuse to buy a Kinect. It is not for serious gaming.

edhe2989d ago

They have bot tech so in theory this could happen:
1) you drop the pad
2) you don't control marcus directly
3) you have a 'pointer' on screen
4) you can highlight cover to move to, the bot moves there
5) you can highlight enemies to shoot at, the bot uses AI routines to shoot your target.
6) you highlight your weapon wheel, game pauses, make a selection, if you use 'nades your 'pointer' can change to the arc.
7) you could have pause-game selections for executions, secondary gestures to 'rush' and melée targets.

It's feasable - if you think outside of the box, but Cliffy's already denied it all.

However imagine this:
You're playing it on your own difficulty setting, your OH comes in and tells the xbox to play splitscreen, she auto-signs in and the game splits screen automagically then she uses her hands to select cover, targets & you if you're down. The game would auto-select casual for anyone using that input method and you'd be in such an accessible world of TPS coop gaming it'd only be a positive thing.

Hey epic - i've been saying this for ages, a cheque would be nice ;) :D

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Omega42989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Interesting, will obviously be a hybrid kinect/controller game.

If this is true Kinect is really starting to get a very robust hardcore lineup.

Edit: In fact didn't Epic say there was a "silver lining" thanks to the delay of Gears 3? This might be what they were talking about.

Denethor_II2989d ago

Calm down, it's just a rumour.

tmoss7262989d ago

I think that for when they announced dedicated servers and multiplayer beta.

HeavenlySnipes2989d ago

I just want to see how it'll be used. Will it end up just using head tracking (like the PSeye)? If so, whats the point of buying the Kinect? It won't be used (in hardcore games) to do anything that the PSeye can't do.

I just want them to make you try to barrel roll so I can watch videos the Kinect uploaded to the internet of losers trying to play GEOW 3 "as the controller" XD

seinfan2989d ago

This wouldn't be the silver lining. More like a shit stain.

Close_Second2989d ago further enhance the Unreal engine.

However, I'm interested to see what can be achieved with integrating Kinect into a control scheme for a game like Gears. I'm all for a developer introducing something new that works or enhances what's already there. Maybe you use the controller for walking around but Kinect can be used to track gestures for hiding behind cover or picking up additional ammo, weapons, etc. Maybe Kinect could be used to perform a blocking move.

Chris3992989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

"The only portion of significance, as we were told, was a 60MB (of 512MB total for the Xbox 360) memory footprint reserved specifically for the motion sensor. That's a fixed amount that can't be lowered, so do us a favor, developers, and make the most of it."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but with a game as resource demanding and texture intensive as Gears, 60 MB of RAM is an awful lot of juice to go without.

Why would you want to sacrifice the quality of the title just to say it's "Kinect Ready" or whatever? I hardly think that a 'silver lining' would be Kinect functionality. That would just be marketing hyperbole.

P.S. Having tried all the motion control offerings this gen now, I've settled rather comfortably into Lords of Shadow using, you guessed it, a standard controller. Why fix what ain't broke. Core games and motion controls are not a natural fit for me. Perhaps someday a title will come along to change my mind, but that hasn't happened yet.

Edit: @ below. Jesus, fanboys are getting less literate by the day. "THAT'S A FIXED AMOUNT THAT CAN'T BE LOWERED". I don't personally know the intricacies of Kinect memory allocation, but it sounds as if that footprint is non-negotiable. And as far as "what" might happen to Gears 3 with Kinect support, I already listed several possible issues regarding visual fidelity and textures. It helps to READ what you reply to. There is no real "ifs". Graphically intensive console games REQUIRE extensive use of their limited resources to produce eye-popping textures and visuals and run at a decent frame-rate. That's a fact. 512 MB of RAM is an increasingly puny resource for both the PS3 and 360 as we move forward past 2010 (see the issues that SE is having trying to cram their - admittedly - bloated FFXIV onto the PS3).

Killed4Less2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

So is that 60MB of RAM for full body detection?

What are the breakdowns if you just wanted to track hand gestures or maybe use the voice commands?

What exactly are Epic doing with Kinect that you feel this "60MB" of RAM is going to be used that will effect the quality of the game?

It seems to me you are full of "what if's"..

What if it's all totally optional?

ComboBreaker2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

So in the end, Sony was right. You do need buttons. LOL.
Microsoft and 360 gamers just never learn do they?

Making hybrid games just totally destroy the whole point of Kinect.

edhe2989d ago

Uh not really no. The whole point of kinect is to add a new interaction to the console, not completely replace the pad at all times. They've said from the get-go that the launch line-up was to emphasize the controller-free possibilities but that there will be hybrid games in the future to appeal to us.

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MAJ0R2989d ago

so MS is gona bring Gears down as well?

this is just hilarious

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