Nyleveia - The Fight: Lights Out Review

Nyleveia: Ever since the PlayStation Move announcement trailers, one of the most shown games has been The Fight. This is partly thanks to Sony’s PR guy, Kevin Butler, discussing the importance of buttons while an unnamed man in the background gave his opponent the beat down.

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Balt 2987d ago

Closer to the real score here, but they still complain about issues that don't persist past the learning stage of the game. Condition yourself before you play. All I can say. The game is a damn good build of things to come. I don't usually listen to other people anyways, so I'm glad I didn't do it here.

The Fight is slick.

TooTall192985d ago

This is one of my favorite games that I've played in the past few months, and I played some good damn good games in that time. A must play for anyone with 2 Move controllers.

Tapewurm2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

I hesitated buying this because of the glad I picked it up...... My arms as well as most of the rest of my body is sore as all get out. This game will work you out. The head tracking and lighting registered as "good" when I set it up and I really haven't had any problems. Things to remember when playing.....(follow the tutorials advice!!) don't move from your spot...u move with the need to dance around..stay put! Keep your hands up when you aren't punching! Work you fighter in the gym a few times...(the speed bag is the easiest, for me anyway) to build up points to put into your abilities...strength, stamina. etc etc....the more you level your abilities, the better your fighter he won't be much of a champ at the beginning, but as your move list increases and you get more stamina will be whoopin' arse in no time. Deserves much better reviews than what it is getting....really surprised me.