Capcom – Motion Control Evolved With PS4

Capcom Europe head, and former Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Boss, David Reeves, has come out in an interview and stated that motion control is more than just a passing fad. He believes that it will be a focal point for the PS4, in a more evolved form than what is currently on offer.

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RandomGamer2983d ago

...this makes me sad .I hate motion controls so much.

Neckbear2983d ago

But give it time, since this same thing happened with the Wii.

Everyone was exited, look at how it turned out.

I'm expecting the same with future motion controllers. They're just a fad.

darthv722983d ago

the current systems are the trial and error phase. The next xbox and ps will utilize their respected motion controls more fluently.

I am actually thinking sony will take the move even further. Incorporating mini pseye's in their tv's would allow for the move to basically replace the traditional remote and be more direct in controlling onscreen selections.

That is something MS couldnt do considering they dont make tv's.

karl2983d ago

i love to just sit back and play without moving nothing but my thumbs...

the future should be about moving less no more...

like playing games with your mind.... so i wont have to move my fingers anymore ..


I actually like the idea as far as they keep the current strategy of supporting both the classic controller and motion controller as much as they can.

The grip with Wii wasn't because it had an alternative controller, but because it forced motion and abandomned classic gameplay altogether, making hardcore/serious/adult/call-it -what-you-want titles few and far between. For sure it still has one classic controller but it's poorly supported and implemented.

And quite frankly, the only thing PS3 actually lacks for better motion control is a camera that also get's IR and have a wider FOV (some extra memory wouldn't hurt too), the rest is up to software and that shall improve a lot before PS4 rolls out.

Having cameras bundled with all next gen consoles can be a good thing, actually if they all had some quality headtracking, expect 3D to really pump out of the screen next gen.

darthv722983d ago

you are right about the classic controller for the wii. Realistically it wasnt meant for current games but as the name implies. "Classic" as in those on the VC.

I do like the simplistic yet semi versatile nature of the wii remote. Aside from the straight up point at the screen you can turn it in the hands and play somewhat traditional gameplay in newer titles.

If sony were to (gasp) abandon the existing controller for more move control then they would need to adopt a similar style in that you could hold the move differently to relate to the game at hand. I would doubt they'd give that up though.

That controller is as much a staple to the PS brand as Mario is to nintendo. It gets better but never really looses its original feel.


Yup, for good or for bad, Dual Shock is staying.

I love my PS3 controller but truth be told, it could use some general shape smoothing (not much, but get rid of angular edges and could be a little bigger), concave analog stick pads and concave L2/R2 buttons (I don't like the slim trigger design on 360 controller either, but at least those are concave, if they were double the wide it would feel great already).

KiLLUMiNATi_892983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

I'm not to big in motion gaming either. It's cause my whole life I got use to sitting with a controller (being lazy). But let's just see what direction motion gaming goes?

seinfan2983d ago

I'm with you on there. It seems it's an impending doom, I suppose. When gaming goes to shit, everyone is going to look back and think, "Stupid Nintendo. They ruined everything."

Dark-Cloud2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

wow , you are really lazy XD .. move is all about moving , moving while playing instead of sitting with the controller .. but im lazy just like you xD .. i have move but i don't even stand when i play , but this will chnage when i get the fight .. good game and they can make it better if they make a sequel for it ..

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YourFlyness2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Probably with the new "gyrosphere" patent Sony file

fei-hung2983d ago

i hate david reeves since he may have something to do with Shit Theory getting their hands on DMC and pissing all over dante and the DMC brand!

Mr Reeves, stop contemplating about the future of motion gaming and go clean the shit from your doorstep a.k.a Ninja Theory and the next PR statement you make, make it count for some good by announcing that someone more reliable and more modest i.e. platinum games has taken the DMC game and will be finally creating a DMC game which is worthy to stand up against DMC1.

Spartanv072983d ago

i don't think motion will be that big for next gen,Nintendo themselves will move on to something else i bet. probably just an add on.

Abu2983d ago

Let's hope that Sony can come up with something a little more advanced than a lightbulb on a stick then for the PS4.

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