PSFocus: The Fight: Lights Out (PS3) Review - Worth Buying?

A review about The Fight: Lights Out (PlayStation 3 version). Is this worth buying?

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Balt 2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

I finally dove into this one -- Got it on Friday and was reluctant to open it due to hoping a demo was coming to the storefront this week so I could try it out before not being able to return it.

As there isn't a demo planned for November of The Fight, it'll hit next month I'm told, I opened up the game late last night and popped it in.

I'm pretty glad I didn't send it back too. The game isn't perfect and there are a slew of things I wish could be tweaked via patch or maybe fixed, and maybe they will, but even still this game is actually pretty damn good. It's a workout in cardio, that's for sure.

I'm able to land flurries of punches and use the head tracking so I don't know what people are bitching about here. This is one game that the review guys all got wrong. It just is. They obviously spent about 15 to 30 min on it each and didn't even try to explore the perks and quarks of the game. It took me about 2, maybe 3 hours to fully understand the heft of my punches and stance when weaving and bobbing. It has a higher than casual learning curve, but it's not impossible to learn and or to have fun with.

I'm a pretty inshape guy. I work out 5 days a week, weight train and run many, many miles on top of it. I take fitness pretty serious in my life, so maybe it's a little easier for me than most of the average gamers out there who sit around eating nacho's and drinking mountain dew. I get that, but don't flog the game because you can't hang with it. (p.s. -- I'm not a gamer in the least)

This game is easily the best move game I've got. I love HVB and Planet Mini Golf and Tumble -- But this one just feels like you're doing something. Like you're actually taking part in the future of gaming. There will be a game, maybe next year, that takes advantage of the concept behind this game.

B+ for me, guys. Buy it.

nix2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

yup.. i've heard people say.. it's a good game unlike what reviewers tell us. thanks. you're one of many who has been sharing what this game really is.

here are most of our reviewers playing the game:

JoeReno2988d ago

Yeah, this is a solid B game. Reviews these days, you just can trust them.