Kinect Beats Move to the Punch with Soft Drink Advertising

Console Wars meets the Cola Wars.

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doctorstrange4694d ago

That was definitely done entirely because of the Sony deal. Still, imo Cola > Pepsi

Sev4694d ago

I'm drinking Pepsi right now strangely, but I do prefer Coke. Technically I prefer neither and only drink the diet versions.

I hate sugary drinks.

Mystogan4694d ago


still who cares? it's advertising and they are both popular, who approves this shit?

lovestospoodge4694d ago

this...changes...EVERYTHIGN!?! ?

MicroSony4Life4694d ago

MS should partner with Gatorade being that Kinect is suppose to be about fun and fitness.

TheBlackSmoke4694d ago

Coke and Pepsi are basically SONY and MS this gen. Both are just co-existing pretty much equally.

morganfell4694d ago (Edited 4694d ago )

Sony Beats MS to the Punch with exclusives.

Let me know when you can play a poster,a TV commercial, or a label on a soda can. The last time I checked there wasn't any multiplayer in 12 oz of caramel colored water...unless you count indoor water sports.

4694d ago
Lightsaber4694d ago (Edited 4694d ago )

"Dont drink Sodas
MS should partner with Gatorade being that Kinect is suppose to be about fun and fitness. "

Thats not a bad idea but MS and pepsi have been working together since they did the MD Fuel drink for Halo 3 back in 2006. Makes is easy for them to go to pepsi and say "hey we got this new thing coming out called kinect slap it on the side of some cans for us"

Brainwash by advertising. fixed

4694d ago
A Cupcake for Gabe4694d ago

Santa is on the Coke cans which is way smart if you ask me.

But Pepsi always gets popular celebraties. But that doesn't matter for me becuase Pepsi is to sugary and leaves a nasty film in your mouth

HolyOrangeCows4694d ago (Edited 4694d ago )

I like Coke better. But with the push for ASSpertame in all of these drinks, they taste worse all of the time. That trash will give you cancer just as fast as the effects of sugar intake.

no_more_trolling4694d ago

no soda is good for u
unless u want fucked up kidneys in the future

Praetorium4694d ago

Brainwash by advertising."

Stealin an idea."

Oh god, the irony.

RedDevils4694d ago

isn't that the same as drinking alcohol?

dead_eye4694d ago

@A Cupcake for Gabe The santa in the red suit is coca colas design.

Zeevious4694d ago

That's exactly what I drink.

I just have them add sugar, carbonation and cola flavoring to it, then when I open the bottle or can the water tastes great!

Kidding...but if you've never tried Mountain Dew Voltage...you do not know what a great soda you're missing!

Raspberry, Ginseng and 11billion calories per bottle...great for extra energy before a good fitness adventure.

ChineseDemocracy4694d ago

I prefer juice over both. OJ FTW.

Lightsaber4694d ago

jonondaspot I might of shown a lack of originality but you shown a complete lack of intelligence. At least I was able to add something to the topic. All you were able to do was show up and add some lame ass trolling. So why not do everyone a favor and next if you cant say anything intelligent just keep your mouth shut.

4694d ago
Syronicus4694d ago

And here I always thought that anything xbox was a done deal with mountain dew...

stevenhiggster4694d ago (Edited 4694d ago )


Asspartame is the devil, dunno about cancer but it has been clinically proven to give or at least advance MS (multiple sclerosis), which is not good.
Personally I dont drink any fizzy drinks as they give me heartburn and don't quench your thirst anyway.

dredgewalker4694d ago


Please refrain from drinking the diet versions of these colas since I've heard that the artificial sweeteners they use is carcinogenic. I'm a Coke guy but I'm not allowed with anything sweet these days cause of a certain stomach ailment.

Count4693d ago (Edited 4693d ago )

I've heard that aspartame is dangerous, but that's about it, I've never seen concrete evidence to support this.

If any of you have, could you please supply it? I want to know.

Heartnet4693d ago

Theyre advertsiging on a Diet Pepsi.. No1 buys Diet Pepsi xD

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Christopher4694d ago (Edited 4694d ago )

Saw this coming a mile away. Sony, again, you suck at marketing compared to Microsoft. Seriously, up the f'n game or something at the least. Microsoft is cleaning your house like nobody's business in the U.S.

Edit: *sighs* Really guys? You don't know the difference between marketing and sales? Marketing and product comparisons?

@below: You want to compare everything but this gens PS3 to the 360 and yet don't realize that Microsoft corners the market on OS and Office software, something Sony can't do with a single product at all. And, yeah, this is just completely false:

***And Sony's 10 year old PS2 is almost outselling the 360 in 2010. ***

Here's a dose of reality:

PS Moves sold in first month: ~2.5 million. Kinects sold in first two weeks ~1.3 million.

Advertising of Kinect seen so far? Commercials galore at an almost constant rate and during high profile shows, Burger King, massive NY advertisements, Pepsi.

Advertising of Move seen so far? Commercials... that have gone bye bye and are no longer remembers. Oh, and online videos saying why they went with Move over solely camera-based tech.

Honestly, if you guys don't know what marketing means, then there's no helping you to come to terms with how powerful Microsoft is. Do you know that in the last two weeks I've seen the WP7 in more than four different TV shows already as product placement, and the thing just released!

MeatPopsicle4694d ago

"Sony, again, you suck at marketing compared to Microsoft."

105 million PS1s
150 million PS2s
65 million PSPs

and the 100-200 dollar more expensive PS3 has been outselling the 360 every year it has been on the market and has dumped the 360 into last place in worldwide sales.

And Sony's 10 year old PS2 is almost outselling the 360 in 2010.

Yeah, high five Microsoft marketing...

Neko_Mega4694d ago

At the cost of 360 titles and hope that kinect will sale 1mill or more.

Move has already hit 1mill in the short time it has been out.

MeatPopsicle4694d ago

"Kinects sold in first two weeks ~1.3 million"

You're quoting a fake sales number from vgchartz and you think anyone is going to do anything but laugh at what you have to say?

Christopher4694d ago

***You're quoting a fake sales number from vgchartz and you think anyone is going to do anything but laugh at what you have to say?***

Don't recall anyone lambasting them when their #s for Move were fairly accurate...

You guys need to wake up and smell a bit of reality. Kinect is going to move more than the Move this Holiday season because of Microsoft marketing. Sure, they're not going to make a profit, but at least they're pushing the hell out of it instead of the ghost town of deals and news we've heard from Sony since the Move's release.

kaveti66164694d ago

"And Sony's 10 year old PS2 is almost outselling the 360 in 2010."

You mean in one region, only. Japan, right?

But, yeah, it does sound awesome when you take all the truth out of it.

WaggleLOL4694d ago (Edited 4694d ago )

>You mean in one region, only. Japan, right?


The 2010 numbers for the PS2 are something like 5.5 million or so, the 360 is 5.8 million.

Those numbers are worldwide.

Doesn't say much for Microsoft's marketing if they are just barely outselling a ten year old console.

Cenobia4694d ago

I don't care about sales, but imo Sony commercials are much better than Xbox commercials.

The Kevin Butler spokesman is pretty genius, and I loved the "do you want it, do you need it" montages they did a couple years ago.

I think MS probably advertises it's games better (Halo and Gears commercials are pretty awesome), but those are singular products. Sony seems to be better at advertising its brand. Kevin Butler commercials are way better than the Kinect BS, but I supposed they are aimed at different target markets. A better comparison might be the "Jump In" commercials from a while back, which still didn't resonate with me personally.

It is only my personal opinion, but I am in the target market.

...and yes I intentionally failed to mention the floating baby ads...

XI_-Minty-_IX4694d ago

"PS Moves sold in first month: ~2.5 million. Kinects sold in first two weeks ~1.3 million."

Umm, as far as I know, 2 weeks is half of a month, and the difference between 4 weeks and a full month is 2-3 days, and 1.3*2 = 2.6. If Kinect goes at the same rate as it did in the first 2 weeks, it'll hit 2.6 million. Obviously, by then, Move would also sell a little bit more too in that time span. Considering the Move doesn't exactly have a $500 million advertising budget, I'd say that's pretty good.

Just my 2 cents.