Blu-ray: Hints @ HD Format War Being Over In 18 Months

The high definition format war between HD DVD and Blu-ray could be all over in 18 months time. That's what the Chairman of the Blu-ray Disc Association hinted at today in an interview with

"Due to the fact that we have some hard competition which sometimes makes strange moves, it's very unpredictable. But I think in the next 18 months it will be very exciting to see what's going on.

A plethora of new products, Simonis says, will create competition between manufacturers of the different players, driving prices down. That coupled with competition from a rival disc format means that we could soon be looking at far cheaper Blu-ray players than are available today.

"We don't like to oversell ourselves, but we right now see that there is a major transition taking place from publishers who said they would initially go only for HD DVD and now make the move across the Blu-ray. [This is] based on the sales numbers of software happening in the Far East, US and also now in Europe.

"In the US you see that 70 per cent of the titles sold are Blu-ray and this is no different everywhere else. Publishers are moving to Blu-ray and now is definitely the time to join.

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cloud3604154d ago

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FFVIIFan4154d ago

So he's saying as soon as the Paramount deal ends the war will be over.

MrSwede4154d ago

Yup that sounds about right!

BLaZiN PRopHeT4154d ago

didnt they say the war would be over this holiday season? and that the paramount deal wont change anything? owell he is right.

mikeslemonade4153d ago

Now which game comes out 18 months from now? FFXIII is that game that will sell PS3s and each PS3 is a blu-ray player.

Stella4153d ago (Edited 4153d ago )

The Paramount stuff doesn't really change anything other than increasing BluRay Paramount sales in the short term and delay new releases until the 100 million Microsoft spent to keep them off BluRay runs out.

There are going to be too many BluRay playing PS3s out there by the end of 2007 for HD-DVD to ever have a chance to recover.

Worldwide the US is the only place HD-DVD really is still alive, Asia and Europe are either completely BluRay or will soon be so.

Blockbuster and Target have already gone BluRay.

Sales are in the 2-1 to 3-1 range now and have been steadily growing each month as more and more people buy PS3s and BluRay standalones.

When things are over for HD-DVD really depends on if you want to call the format dead when it is clear it is no longer viable or when Toshiba actually pulls the plug and stops making HD-DVD players.

Daewoodrow4153d ago

Microsoft didn't pay Paramount to go HD-DVD.

And Bluray hasn't won Europe. Both formats are practically non-existant here in England. There is no advertising for either, the players aren't clearly marked in electronics stores, and you'd be hard pressed to find someone who knows what HD formats there are.

The only store that has gone Bluray only is Blockbuster, who are only doing so because the American Blockbuster did.

The majority of sales for Bluray are coming from PS3 owners. Without the PS3, the sales for both could be considered negligible.

LoydX-mas4153d ago

I don't believe that anyone can tell what will happen this christmas season, but I am willing to bet that a $199 HD-DVD player has a far better chance of selling more units in the long run than a $500-$600 game system. (I say game system because MOST people who are not gamers only know Playstation for games)

xplosneer4153d ago

Well I'd be willing to bet a $199 PC Blu Ray drive sells very well also....

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