Gaming Your Children

In difficult times like the ones we are living in now, finding fun things to do with your family at home can make the difference between meeting your budget and falling behind. But how can you get children who are used to weekly trips to the movie theater and Chuck E. Cheese to get on board with a new style of family entertainment? Gaming with your kids is a great way to spend time with them, save money, and do something you love all at the same time.

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darthv722985d ago

when i was a kid, you couldnt keep me indoors. I was constantly out riding my bike or playing ball with my friends. I have gamed since pong came out but didnt really get heavy into it until the genesis came out.

All of a sudden I was in more playing games and out less and less (unless it was a trip to an arcade with my friends). My kids now, they like games. We play the mario karts and mario sports. One son is heavy into the skate games while my other younger son does all the lego games.

I'd like them to be outside more like I was at their age but even now I find it hard to put the controller down. This form of entertainment is like crack. You just cant stop once your hooked. Hell, I cant even shoot a basketball like I did because of gamers elbow.