PSBlog: Introducing the Atlus Super-Mega-Ultra 50% Off PSN Sale

PSBlog: “What if we can spoil our fans for the holidays by cutting something in half?”

This question, self-posed, is what put everything in motion. From there, it was basically a lot of late nights, major damage to office furniture, a couple of trips to the emergency room, and a few really beautifully sliced watermelons. Finally, we realized it had been under our noses the whole time: why not cut our games in half? Sadly, after destroying the last couple Demon’s Souls Collector’s Editions in the office, we realized the BEST option was to cut PRICES in half, hence this sale, which we’re calling, in full caps for maximum attention-grabbage, the SUPER-MEGA-ULTRA 50% off PlayStation Network sale*.

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xtheownerzx2988d ago

Lots of great games on sale i cant wait!

Neckbear2988d ago

Too bad they haven't developed anything noteworthy on HD consoles.

I mean, I liked Etrian Odyssey and SMT:SJ, but release the damn games on HD consoles, Atlus!

fei-hung2988d ago

dude, how can you forget demon souls!!!!!!!!!!

catch2988d ago

To be fair they did not develop Demon's Souls they just published it. Can't wait for Persona 5.

radphil2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )


You missed all the info on Catherine I see. :p

Allowen2988d ago


wOW nice !
I heard thar Persona P3 is a great game and I will get it now for $19.99 )
So many RPGs came at the same time and so I had to choose and bought VC2.

Now it is your time , Sega .... Phantasy Star P2 ...

fei-hung2988d ago

i think phanatasy star on the dreamcast is one of my fave games of all time. its a shame i never managed to finish it. i bought it twice and got stuck in the same section twice. the bit where you are on a raft and fighting this worm monster which shoots these thorny things at you. i kept dying again and again and again :(

Arnagrim2988d ago

Would be doing themselves a HUGE favor by picking it up, probably the most fun I've had in a JRPG in a long time.

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