Diablo III Could Also Be Coming To Video Game Consoles

Could the Diablo series make a return to consoles? A handful of new jobs seeking fresh Blizzard talent with console experience sure makes it look that way.

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Nitrowolf22985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Well if they are
I would love cross platform play then

This could be good or it could be bad if it comes to console

kamehamehaftw2985d ago

well there are a lot of issues with cross platform play and there certainly would be a lot of complications. If Blizzard is somehow successful cross platform play, then this would be a game to watch out for.

FOXDIE2984d ago

"well there are a lot of issues with cross platform play and there certainly would be a lot of complications."

Sorry your wrong, I dont know about the xbox but the ps3 has games that play outside of psn (like mgs4 used konami id etc). The game itself does not care what platform its being played on, the only thing they have to do is link the ps3/xbox to the blizzard servers, the game can run on whatever machine they like it to run on. (everyone has a diffrent pc right?)

CombineElite2985d ago


I hope not. Nothing against console games but switching to console is a sure fire way to dumb a game down into nothing for the sake of sales figures.

Just look at call of Duty, it started on the PC and at one time was the benchmark for online FPS. Now it's an arcade game of Rambo and no respectable PC Lan party would have that in their presence.

If you want to play Diablo 3 then go buy a PC.

VenomProject2985d ago

Actually Battlefield was the pinnacle, CoD has always been an arcade shooter.

specialguest2985d ago

COD had nothing on Battlefield back during the glory days of PC gaming.

Spydiggity2985d ago

it would just end up being a crappy port anyway.

but, i don't doubt for a minute that they will do is Blizzard - ACTIVISION, after all.

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ohdavey2985d ago

I really hope not...who remembers Starcraft on the console?

ChefDejon2985d ago

I liked it, had good times playing it with friends.

JAMurida2985d ago

lol Idk man... I rented it from Blockbuster like 20 times back then lol. But that was only because we didn't have a computer back then that could run Starcraft good. I will admit thought, Starcraft on PC was way better.

rjdofu2985d ago

Starcraft and Diablo are totally different... I'm agree that RTS games on console are totally disaster, but in here Diablo is an action/RPG. I think that it's possible to make a decent Diablo gameplay on console, like what Dragon Age did.

RememberThe3572985d ago

My computer can't handle any gaming, I'd love to play this on consoles if they did it right. I really can't afford to upgrade my PC so I'd love to play this way.

Incipio2985d ago

If you were able to afford a console, then you were able to afford some upgrade parts from newegg or tigerdirect.

RememberThe3572985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Financial situations change, and mine didn't get better. I'd rather take the extra money I have and spend it on software rather than a hardware upgrade.

Persistantthug2984d ago

Times are hard, and lots of people don't have the money to buy new computers or buy expensive computer upgrades.

I'm one of those....I have a single core computer so no amount of upgrading is gonna matter.

Money is tight for many, lots of people are out of work, and if anyone is douchey that they can't understand that....they can go to hell.

Bubble for you on general principle.

And YAY for Diablo 3 going to consoles like I've been saying for many months.

Godmars2902985d ago

Consoles are a lot closer to PCs than they use to be and there's already been Diablo and Diablo-like tiles on them.

Nihilism2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

It's not about the's about the interface. If they design it around gamepads for the sakeof multiplat, then it will be severely gimped on PC.

They would have to simplify it so there were less spells to toggle through on consoles etc.

Spydiggity2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

i don't think Blizzard would sacrifice the quality of their game for the sake of a console port. if anything, they'll just outsource the port project to another company within Activision...maybe Treyarch. :-P

EDIT: n/m. i'm sure they're already "hard at work" at making COD 9

Godmars2902985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Again, looking at Diablo, I don't see why the game would require a complicated control scheme. I played the first one and it was a relatively simple point and click.

Nevermind that this is Blizzard, not Activision much less a company like Square. If compromises come, they'll only be felt on the versions they're meant for.

How long had they been working on Ghost before they dropped it over quality issues? Just looking at SC2, after all this time, do you honestly think they'd tie their own hands? Would announce console versions only to cancel them if they didn't meet their standards much less have to lower those of the PC game? Even Kotick couldn't make them change anything.

Viper72984d ago

The controls would work fine with pad, just copy-paste Sacred2 controls which are imo very innovative and work really well. Hell you can easily assign 12 hotkeys for spells and still have 3-4 keys for for potions.

The game scored decent in most reviews and the main problem was bugs and occasional freezing and plot (as in a hell of a lot less than Fallout new vegas). But the controls where great even tough it took a while to get a hang of the game.

Sprudling2984d ago

"I played the first one and it was a relatively simple point and click."

So how do you point and click with a controller? That's exactly what a mouse does better than anything.

Nihilism2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )


Sacred 2...innovative controls???????

There is like 3 spell slots, that is exactly what i'm talking about, on a keyboard you have 10 spell slots and more on the F1 keys etc.... ( + quickspells on right mouse click and TAB etc )

Sacred 2 was gimped as can be because of the console version.

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SuperKing2985d ago

Wow, so even the mighty Blizzard is turning to console development? Guess I don't blame em, South Korea didn't accept StarCraft 2 which pretty much killed tons of sales potential over there.

evrfighter2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

wasn't just south korea. I know a lot of gamers here in the states that didn't buy into it due to the 3 part series and no lan.

If anything Blizzard or Activision killed potential sales. Whoever made those decisions.

Not to mention it's not a one time fee. I believe they have to buy their playtime. This sounds like a Bobby K decision to me imo.

But I'm sure they're happy with 1.5 million sales in its first 3 days. As it stands I'll be playing the other 2 SC2 expansions. But I won't be paying for them. I know a lot of people that bought sc2 who will be doing the same.

JAMurida2985d ago

Oh wow they did? I always watch the Pro Starcraft videos on youtube of them playing in tournaments. I always wondered if they would move to Starcraft 2. Then again, Starcraft 1's gameplay still to this day is so fucking rock solid.

FrankenLife2985d ago

South Korea loves playing SC2. The problem is that they can't pirate it. Not everybody there can afford a pc that can run the game, but they can run the first sc for free. It is the same situation for the PC Bangs. Each player has to have a battlenet ID to play it, and that isn't cheap for them. Watch the GSL on Gomtv, and see just how much they love SC2.

STONEY42985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

"Guess I don't blame em, South Korea didn't accept StarCraft 2 which pretty much killed tons of sales potential over there."

Um, alot of SC1 legendary pros have begun migrating to Starcraft 2 already (NaDa, Boxer), and the prize pools for the SC2 tournaments such as GSL are waaay bigger. So are the players in the tournaments.

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JAMurida2985d ago

I would personally want Starcraft 2 but Idk... I feel Blizzard games are better on PC and should stay there. I don't want another Dragon Age case, where the gameplay is more suited for PC gaming and not console gaming.

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