Armor Lock: L337 or Weak?

Bungie kicked off Season 3 of Team Arena this month with a new “pro” game type. The standard arsenal consists of DMR/Magnum and two frags. The motion sensor is gone and the loadout options have been reduced to three: sprint, armor lock and hologram. The idea was to create an MLG-appropriate option, a balanced playing field testing player skills, asymmetrical maps notwithstanding.

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I Call 9MM2987d ago

I'm not a big fan of Armour Lock either. I find it slows the game down a lot, having to wait to kill the player, unless his/her teamates kill you first. It just feels cheap. I find the other abilities are quite well balanced, however.

The video in the link is quite correct, and it can really give the armour-locked player an advantage against another player. I hope they fix it, or even come up with a similar new ability.