PS3Vault Review: Dead Nation

Welcome to Dead Nation, a gruesome and addictive twin stick shooter from the developers of Super Stardust HD. During the last couple of years several zombie shooters have been released, and more or less have oversaturated the market depending on your tastes. Does Dead Nation have the legs to stand up on its own? Or is it an infectious blight on the PlayStation Store? Hit the break for our verdict.

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Sidology2987d ago

With such a shining review, now I almost wish I hadn't given my review code over to another writer!

Still, solid review and I might grab this when it drops at the end of the month. Albeit, my pile of shame still continues to grow...

Kurisu2987d ago

I had no idea this was being created by the team who brought us Super Stardust HD! For that reason alone I may have to check this game out. SSHD is probably THE most re-playable game on PS3.

xyxzor2987d ago

I know, I was looking for some more people to play co-op with :/

Sidology2987d ago

Sorry! I definitely would've been up for that, but not only was giving it away a detriment to that, as I've mentioned, my internet suuuuuucks.

blackburn52987d ago

Another good review. Need to buy myself a PSN card. Those things run out fast. Too many things to buy now and later on

fierysensation2987d ago

This game went from 'Not on my Radar' to pretty much Day 1 purchase. The lighting and sound from preview videos look and sound fantastic.

xyxzor2987d ago

Yes, they are impressive for a PSN title.

NecrumSlavery2987d ago

"for a PSN title"?
Chech YoSelf, BeFo You Wreck

karl2987d ago

the walking dead has revived my love for zombies.. ill pick this up

Balt 2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Yeah, because we all know it's written so well. The screenplay is written like it was penned by a spastic monkey on 10,000 mg of Acai Berry. This is some of the worst screenwriting I've seen in some time. Beyond bad, horribly formatted and terrible overstated. Not to mention it does nothing new with the genre at all.

Let me cut my hand off with this hacksaw, which has the ability to cut through pipe one week prior, instead of cutting through one link of a handcuff chain. Makes tons of sense to me.

or how about this one (in reference when the lead comes up with some bone headed idea to rub zombie guts on himself to make himself look like a zombie. To trick a pack of them)

"Make sure, whatever you do, not to get this in your eyes or on your skin. Now rub it all over me."

and let us not make mention of the horribly and prolific racial profiling they're doing with this one.

We've got a white guy, an Asian, a black guy and a Mexican all in one location in the time of a nation wide crisis. Is this a really bad joke or divine intervention? Who caused this Zombie outbreak, Noah?

This show is utter garbage.

CalBearFan2987d ago

This game is a zombie game sure but I don't believe it has anything to do with the show on A&E "Walking Dead" that you are complaining (somewhat justifiably, it is poorly written) about.

I did a quick Google search and it didn't show that the game and TV show are related but I've been wrong before...

Oh, and great review!

Balt 2987d ago

I'm sorry, my post was directed to Karl, somewhat out of place with the game all together. The game, yeah, I'm kind of looking forward to myself. The show he's talking about is junk.

Game - alright
Show - horrible

xyxzor2987d ago

Seems like this guy doesn't like the show lol.

karl2987d ago

u think?

well i guess he really doesnt like it ..xDD i can look pass those things.. cuz seriously no zombie movie has caught the situation as well as TWD to me...

maybe he likes the resident evil movie xD

i enjoy the show though.. i wasnt looking to create an offtopic conversation.. but well hmm

DarthMoose2987d ago

The walking dead is great, did you ever think maybe he didnt reach the hacksaw and maybe he had to literly rip his hand off, you obvisiosly never read the comics, the shows much differnt but the essence is still there. I like the show but still prefer the comics myself though.

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