PSN!: Rumor - Splinter Cell coming soon to PSNetwork and XboxLive?

The latest financial report issued by Ubisoft reveals "other digital achievements" including a list of titles pending to appear both in Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

Splinter Cell is included by the very first time. This point could represent the official confirmation of the rumored Splinter Cell HD Collection.

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zetsuei12989d ago

It better be digital or it may lead to loss to Ubisoft.

Before anything I need Sly Collection after that comes Jak series (if it happen to have one) Team Ico Collection and after all that there maybe space and money for others.Not only that just this year i'm still going to buy Heavy Rain, GT5 and Dead Nation.

There are SO MANY great games next year that its better for the thirds to go digital so there is no disadvantages.

Nitrowolf22989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Jak HD Collection needs to happen and at the end of it they need to hint Jak 4 MAKE IT HAPPEN NAUGHTY DOG

calitax2989d ago

Do not discard a Jak HD Collection. Ratchet neither.

jwk942989d ago

Jak won't come out till after U3, and Ratchet won't come out till after R3, although i want both, jak not as much since i never really played it.

RockmanII72989d ago

If you never played Jak you should want it more. It would make the experience new and fresh.

Hidalgo2989d ago

I'm sure it's true. It doesn't matter for me, but I'm sure that many Splinter Cell fans are willing to spend their money on this HD remake... and with trophies! :p

seinfan2989d ago

I'd buy it. The SC Xbox game I have skips on the 360 every 30 seconds.

Ares84PS32989d ago

I love remakes on discs. I love to collect. No disc = no buy

DarkBlood2989d ago

because youd like to sell them when you plat and finished with it

showtimefolks2989d ago

so if you buy a car you can't sell it make some sense

i pay for something i own it i have every right in this free country to sell it if someone else is willing to pay

VenomProject2989d ago

There's nothing wrong with doing that, but I'm sure some people love to just collect games, like myself.

Is it so wrong to want a hard-copy as opposed to this digital download crap that's being forced down everyone's throats nowadays?

bananlol2989d ago

Ah, the old resale argument. Thats the reason i believe its rather ironic that people to look down on pirates and then buy second hand games themselves. Just because you paid the store doesnt mean you paid for the game, the developers wont se a dime of it.

Ares84PS32989d ago

I'm a collector. That means I collect videogames. I have a collection. Not selling a game I already got. But I like to actually own the games I buy and my biggest problem with PSN games are that there isn't a collection to release on a disc. They should do that. Compile 10 PSN games and release them.

I like to see the cases on the shelf.

If you have a problem with that than I'm sorry.

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showtimefolks2989d ago

prince of persia
gta 3,vc,sa
mgs 2-3
godhand(lol i would buy it)
mortal kombat

and now i forgot the rest someone help me please

jwk942989d ago

Ratchet and Clank, DBZ Budokai, DBZ Tenkaichi Budokai, Final Fantasy (ps1 or ps2), and i think that's it.

RockmanII72989d ago

Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid are gonna be the next big ones.

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