Regain Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Demo Access in Seconds

"When the demo for the new Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit debuted on the PlayStation Network, it was met with an incredibly warm reception. As gamers far-and-wide competed with their friends for record times, download numbers went up, as did, presumably, pre-order numbers. On November 9th, all that was taken away when EA barred further access to the demo, whether you had downloaded it or not. However, regaining access is easy as pie."

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ftwrthtx2985d ago

There should never be a time limit based on the date for demos. It's not the full game, so why limit it?

doctorstrange2985d ago

Pretty annoying, was hoping to get a bit more out of the demo

dragon822985d ago

I agree with 100% on this. Timed demos are just plain stupid.

radphil2985d ago

So they essentially force you to buy the full game. I have some sinking feeling that EA's going to start pushing this on other demos as well coming out from them.

They already are doing the whole EA pass crap..

And yes I said crap, because apparently they aren't even tied into your account, so if your console messes up in some shape or form, you'd have to get another one. Already had 1 too many customers come in complaining on that issue.

showtimefolks2985d ago

gt5 whether you agree o disagree that's a fact its coming a week or so before gt5 and that can not be a good thing for any game right now

jjohan352985d ago

Yup. EA probably shat a brick when GT5's release date was confirmed.

No FanS Land2985d ago

what's ironic, is that EA chose to make NFS arcady back in the 90' because they ackonledged they couldn't compete with GT1 and GT2's production values.

Yet, they have the balls to release a new NFS in the span of 2 weeks away from GT5.

Redempteur2985d ago

maybe their autolog servers are busy being ready for the full game ?

just maybe

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wolfehound222985d ago

So weird that there was a time frame. Pretty cool you can get around it though.

ct032985d ago

This article shouldn't have a PC tag. We didn't get the demo to begin with. Bastards.

BBAM2985d ago

there's rules for posting articles... somewhere
Just noone seems to pay attention.

Tunerboy87322985d ago

I enjoyed the demo while it lasted.I'm picking up hot pursuit tomorrow so no need to access the demo again.

electricshadow2985d ago

Neat find. But, I'll be picking this up tomorrow at 12 so I'll have no need for the demo. :D

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