The Real Truth About Fanboys

The word “fanboy” means an ardent follower and admirer of a particular platform and/or game. In recent times, fanboys all over have made the gaming industry more active and worth recognizing. The importance of fanyboys in the gaming industry cannot be over emphasized, that people insist that fanboys have no lives is totally absurd. Everyone has the right to support whatever they so choose.

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AceofStaves2991d ago

There's a difference in being an ardent fan of something, and being obnoxious about your preferences, however. A fan is someone who enjoys something and is willing to spend their time and money supporting their hobby or interest.

Fanboys act as if their opinions are facts and their personal preferences set the standards of enjoyment and quality for everyone.

Fans are vital for the industry. Fanboys are, thankfully, a small segment of the gaming public.

darthv722991d ago

fanboys make it a habit to belittle those who dont share the same views as them. That isnt respectable at all. I can acknowledge someone who enjoys their platform but wont resort to criticizing them about their choice.

What is really funny, we are all on the same side. We all want fun entertaining games to spend out time and money on. Why does it have to be an issue if this person plays this system or that one? Play the games and just have fun.

This might not make much sense but the best way I see it is like in history when you had one kingdom fighting against another kingdom and yet both sides were doing it in the name of the lord. Go figure. It was the same lord

SkyCrawler2991d ago

This opinion piece will prob be thrown under the rug because fanboys don't like to hear about themselves. Atleast we know we're not alone on this.