Is Call of Duty Black Ops a bust?

Last week saw the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops, which is arguably the most anticipated game of 2010. The day before the game was released reviewers were raving about what an excellent game Black Ops turned out to be, however, gamer's around the web have been making their opinions heard, and so far those opinions are of a mixed bag. Given the hype of the game, the rave-reviews and the mixed fan reaction it has become fair to ask, is Call of Duty: Black Ops a bust?

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omodis4202986d ago

I haven't had one single problem with the game on PS3.

KillerBBs2985d ago

For all these peaps stating this is the best game ever... do you work for Trekyarch's sales team? Everyone is having the same issues but some people can't face the facts. Why defend a flaud game? Did you tell your friend to buy it with his last buck or something. Rip this game a new one. expose the man behind the curtain and demand a fix. The game has a great design but it simple doesn't work right.
...or keep blinders on and pack another bowl.

humble_gamer2985d ago

and have had nothing but connection problems. at least every 5th game or so i get kicked or members of my party get kicked. Ive even had my ps3 freeze up a few times too.

The_Zeitgeist2985d ago

I've had the game freeze once on PS3. But I have also had minor connection issues. I'd say maybe 1 out of every 10 games ends in a disconnect.

CrzyFooL2985d ago

It's sold like 10 million copies already . . . so, no?

Pretty sure it turned a profit . . .

The_Zeitgeist2985d ago

You are speaking of a flop, not a bust my friend. It's all semantics.